Friday, November 11, 2011

I love to laugh. Who doesn't?? has my kind of humor. Take a look at some of my favorite Photos.

Mail Time-

Unemployment is tough for everyone- (I know you find this hilarious!!)

What?- (The dog ripped up the wall paper.  That is one mighty strong dog!!)

Paranormal Activity- (With the release of yet another one of these movies coming soon, you just can't help but laugh!!)

If you are looking for a site with funny autocorrect photos, duckface pictures and photos that clearly are in the category photoshop fail, is for you!!

I will be using them for some of my Make Me Laugh Monday posts!!  (hehe!!)

The quotes on the site are funny too.  One of my favorites is "Men socialize by insulting each other, but they don't really mean it.  Women socialize by complimenting each other, but they don't really mean it either!!"


"That embarrassing moment when you realize that person wasn't waving at you!!"  (How many times has that happened to you??  Walking in large crowds, I have done that many times.  What are you supposed to do??  If you don't wave, you look rude.  If you do wave, you look like a loser with no friends!!)

1 comment:

katsrus said...

Love the Darth Vader one. LOL. I have seen dog ones with the toliet paper but; never the wallpaper.
Sue B

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