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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Signs Complete DVD Series Deal

7 Baby Signs DVDs for only $49.99 plus $4.95 shipping!

This set typically retails from Baby Signs for $99.99, so this is one really great deal. Babies often become frustrated by the communication barrier between them and adults. It's frustrating for parents and care givers as well when there's confusion about what baby wants. The solution? The sign language for babies program from Baby Signs! With this program babies ages 6 months to 36 months are able to learn to communicate using simple signs and gestures. This set makes the perfect gift for first time parents, seasoned parents, and anyone who works with small children. The Baby Signs Complete DVD Series is included in this deal price which means you will get all 7 DVDs for half off! A deal like this doesn't come around too often, so get it before it's gone!

The Baby Signs Complete DVD Series is a complete set of 7 DVDs:

My Mealtime Signs (Teaches the signs for Eat, Drink, More, Milk, Cereal, Bib and All Done.)

My Bedtime Signs (Teaches the signs for Stars, Moon, Book, Light, Sleep and Love.)

My Bath Time Signs (Teaches the signs for Bath, Bubbles, Water, Toothbrush, Frog and Duck.)

My Pets Signs (Teaches the signs for Cat, Dog, Bird, Bunny, Fish and Turtle.)

My Park Signs (Teaches the signs for Ball, Butterfly, Slide, Flower, Tree and Swing.)

My Getting Dressed Signs (Teaches the signs for Hat, Coat, Shoes, Socks, Comb and Diaper.)

Bonus DVD: Welcome to the Baby Signs Program Parent DVD with 100-sign Video Dictionary

*Deal ends on Thursday, 11/24/11 at 11:59pm MST

*Orders open to US mailing addresses only

*Orders will be postmarked for shipping within 72 hours (working business days) of the conclusion of the deal

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