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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 7

I don't know why some of the teams were complaining.  I thought the huts they slept in were cute!!

All the teams are heading out pretty close together.

After a two hour bus ride, the teams now have to drive a person on a bike taxi to a fish market!!

Amani and Marcus' speed bump is to complete a slide puzzle.

I hate slide puzzles.  I always want to cheat and just pull a piece out to make it easier!! 

Poor Andy broke his bike on the way to the challenge, but luckily he had some help to get it fixed.

Cindy made it back first!

Now they have to either Dugout or Lugout.  Dugout involves paddling in a race to some drummers, and then back.  Lugout means they have to carry a bunch of items, and people!!

Jennifer forgot her clue.  She made the drop off, but now doesn't know what to do!!  Not good.

Ernie and Cindy are having a lot of trouble with that canoe.  Andy and Tommy whipped by them!!

Well Jennifer just killed the game for her and Justin. 

I don't know if Ernie and Cindy were wise to use their express pass this early.  Especially considering they were one of the top teams.

Bill and Cathi do work very well together!!

That was nice that Ernie and Cindy did not u-turn anyone.  Did you see how they went digital and now use Ipads for the u-turns!! 

Andy and Tommy didn't u-turn either.  That was nice!!

Amani and Marcus are the only ones to do the lugout challenge.  I hope that helps them.  That was funny that Marcus asked if their were any babies on board!!   

It's a real race to the end between Ernie and Cindy and Andy and Tommy.  It's neck and neck and Andy and Tommy kicked butt at the end and came in first!!  They got a $15,000 discover card to share!!! 

I love Bill and Cathi.  They are doing really well in the race now!!  Third place for them!!

Amani and Marcus are not going to u-turn either, but Laurence and Zac did and they u-turned Amani and Marcus.  I hope that doesn't mean that they get to the pit stop and have to go back.  That would be cruel.

Luckily Phil did not make them go back, so Laurence and Zac were just silly.

Well Justin and Jennifer were the last to arrive, so they have been eliminated. 

That means I need to say goodbye to Vhubler.  Thank you for playing!!

See you all next week.

1. Amani and Marcus TAKEN BY Tara
2. Andy and Tommy TAKEN BY Elie
3. Bill and Cathi TAKEN BY Sweetpea
4. Ernie and Cindy TAKEN BY Jakiesmom
5. Ethan and Jenna TAKEN BY Gosfam
6. Jeremy and Sandy TAKEN BY Smart Cents Mom
7. Justin and Jennifer TAKEN BY Vhubler
8. Kaylani and Lisa TAKEN BY Shelly Peterson
9. Laurence and Zac TAKEN BY Dina K
10. Liz and Marie TAKEN BY Ashley S
11. Ron and Bill TAKEN BY vicjbr

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