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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 6

Sorry I am late.  With no power, it was hard to watch the show!!  lol

The teams are now heading to Africa!!

The first couple teams are all departing with in a couple minutes of each other. 

Jeremy and Sandy have only been dating for 8 months, and they are doing the race together.  That will definitely determine if they will last!!

All the teams are on the same flight. 

Wow that is a lot of tobacco!!!  Each bale weighs 200 lbs.

It is funny to see all the workers basically playing bumper tobacco!!

Poor Marcus and Amani and Bill and Cathi are stuck in traffic!!  That can really make or break a team!!

The next challenge seems tough.  They have to either sew a suit, or build a couple toys.

Ernie and Cindy are the only two who have decided to do the sew it up challenge so far, and their driver doesn't know where to go!!

Marcus really needs to pick up the pace.  It was really nice that all the guys cheered him on like that!! 

The kids at the school were cute!!

Cathi is kicking butt at the sewing!!  Let's see if Marcus can follow in his families foot steps!!

I really liked how they made those trucks.  Arts and crafts project for me and the boys!! 

The next challenge is neat.  They have to carry their own beds to the pit stop!!

Bill and Cathi and Amani and Marcus are really racing!!  One of them is going to be last.   

Then Amani and Marcus' cab breaks down.  Wait where were their beds??  Why were they in a taxi instead of with their beds?? 

Justin and Jennifer came in first but they forgot to pay their truck driver, so Andy and Tommy came in first again!!  Good for them!!

Bill and Cathi didn't pay their driver.  That's not good!!

Cindy is weak.  She can't carry anything.

Bill and Cathi have to go back to pay.  That gives Marcus and Amani a chance to catch up, and they didn't make it.

Marcus and Amani were very lucky that it was a non elimination leg. 

They get to stay another day!!

On that note, I don't need to say goodbye to anyone!! 
See you all next week.

1. Amani and Marcus TAKEN BY Tara
2. Andy and Tommy TAKEN BY Elie
3. Bill and Cathi TAKEN BY Sweetpea
4. Ernie and Cindy TAKEN BY Jakiesmom
5. Ethan and Jenna TAKEN BY Gosfam
6. Jeremy and Sandy TAKEN BY Smart Cents Mom
7. Justin and Jennifer TAKEN BY Vhubler
8. Kaylani and Lisa TAKEN BY Shelly Peterson
9. Laurence and Zac TAKEN BY Dina K
10. Liz and Marie TAKEN BY Ashley S
11. Ron and Bill TAKEN BY vicjbr

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