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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Week 5

I don't think Stacey is happy to be on Redemption!!

Brandon likes to whine and cry a lot doesn't he!!

Stacey and Christine are soo funny calling Coach by his real name Benjamin just because he doesn't like it.  I also love how they told the other team all about him and the tribe!! 

They have done this ball game before.  It looks simple enough, but after awhile it must get tough!!

Those balls move pretty quickly!! 

Stacey dropped one ball after three balls in play, so Christine stays another three days!!

Albert is all mad at what Stacey said.  What does he expect?  I would have done the same thing if I was in her place.  They voted her out.  Why should she be loyal to them?? 

Why does Coach have a problem with the name Benjamin??  I love the name!!!  lol

Ozzy and Elise would drive me nuts too with their lovey dovey attitude!!  I can't blame Cochran!!

Good for Albert finding the clue to the idol.  That might help him later on, but I don't think it was wise to tell Coach and Sophie about it.

Coach found it.  Now lets see what he does.  He did tell Albert and Sophie that he has it.

Cochran and Ozzy went fishing.  Ozzy does really well at it!! 

Cochran did it to try to bond with him, but then he says to the camera that Ozzy is getting old and lazy!!  lol

The pig challenge is nasty.  They have to rip pieces off with their mouths and throw them in a basket.  Yuck!!!

Just watching this is making me sick to my stomach!!

The blue team won by 2 oz.  Good for them.  They also get to take their pre-chewed meat with them.  Ewwww. 

Ok Cochran is nasty.  Saying that they are all going to get herpes.  Why would he do that?? 

Cochran is scrambling.  He has Jim and Dawn on his side.  They are trying to get Keith. 

Keith and Whitney are torn.  They have no clue which way to go.  Tribal should be interesting.

Poor Cochran is such a dork.  They are all somewhat making fun of him!!

It would be a great blindside if they get rid of Elyse.

I have absolutely no clue who is going to redemption.

Wow!!!  They blindsided Elyse.  Whitney and Keith played it kind of safe by voting for Dawn.  They still could get screamed at for not going with Ozzy.

I love it when the little guys come back strong!!

On that note, I need to say goodbye to Ashley S.  Thank you for playing.

1. Benjamin "Coach" Wade TAKEN BY Charity and John
2. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth TAKEN BY Tara
3. Albert Destrade TAKEN BY Farrah Shumway
4. Brandon Hantz TAKEN BY Dena Mullins
5. Christine Shields Markosk TAKEN BY Katsrus
6. Dawn Meehan TAKEN BY Ksceviour
7. Edna Ma TAKEN BY Jeanette
8. Elyse Umemoto TAKEN BY Vhubler
9. Jim Rice TAKEN BY Vicjbr
10. John Cochran TAKEN BY Liza767
11. Keith Tollefson TAKEN BY Shelley T
12. Mark Caruso TAKEN BY Debbie

13. Mikayla Wingle TAKEN BY Sam Buck
14. Rick Nelson TAKEN BY Turq
15. Semhar Tadesse TAKEN BY Dina K
16. Sophie Clarke TAKEN BY Celebrie2
17. Stacey Powell TAKEN BY Ashley S18. Whitney Duncan TAKEN BY Larissa

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