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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nume Flat Iron Review And Coupon Code

NuMe offers a Nu Style, a Nu Change and a Brand Nu You!
After working closely with stylists in the industry for over a decade, we've taken everything we've learned to deliver the highest quality products for the most incredible results.
We've created products that will revolutionize your everyday look. We understand how frizzy and unruly hair can change the way our customers feel. Hair is truly transformational and the good news is, unlike the other features we're born with, it can actually be transformed into the silkiest, most gorgeous styles.
It's all about breaking new ground while staying smart and, above all, staying committed to the best quality the industry can offer. We're combining time-tested techniques with innovations to craft the ultimate styling tools for quick and easy long lasting styles, transforming your hair to any stunning look.
We give our customers the most beautiful hair they've ever dreamed of. By understanding the needs of our customers, we take pride in the fact that we can deliver professional quality styling products which embody individuality, creativity and elegance. We created NuMe in order to make these discoveries accessible to all salons, stylists and individuals around the world.

I have thick hair, and I HATE IT!! 

I know some of you are reading this saying "Is she really complaining about thick hair?"  Yes, yes I am!!!

I know that people with thin hair complain, people with red hair complain etc, but I have a LOT to complain about!!!

I have actually been told by many people that I should be a hair model (you know for hair cutter books) because soooo much can be done with it.  I don't feel that way!!! 

My hair is so thick, that all I can do is pull it back and keep it out of my face. 

If I do not use two different conditioners, my hair looks like bozo the clowns!!  It gets soooo frizzy!!!

When I heard about Flat Irons, I figured all it would do is make my hair even worse.  My sister convinced me to use one, so I said "Ok but if my hair looks like a poodle, I am coming after you!!"

Nume was generous enough to send me one of their Couture Flat Irons!!  I even got to pick the color!!

The Couture is a 1 1/3 inch iron with tourmaline-infused plates and variable temperature control which will help tame the unruliest and thickest hair. Simply smooth away unmanageable frizz from those troublesome tresses and add shine to any style – sleek straight, big and bouncy waves or perfect curls. Best for thick or curly hair.

The NuMe Couture Professional Styling Iron is all you will ever need in bringing salon results home. Advanced technology and smart features include a dynamic alignment system that ensures perfect contact between your hair and our 100% tourmaline ceramic plates. The ceramic ion technology generates gentle far infrared heat and by infusing plates with crushed tourmaline crystals, 600% more negative ions help create the perfect frizz free hair without any heat damage for quicker, superior results. It's a proven technology that leaves your locks bouncing with health.

This is a great flat iron!!  Not only is it pretty (I love purple) but it works great.

Made with 100% tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, this flat iron had temperature ranges from 140* to 410*.  It is perfect for any hair type!!

Besides using this to make your hair look Flatter and Thinner (which is all I use it for!!!  lol) you can also use it to make Soft Curls and Waves, Flip In, Flip Out, and Volumize!!

This is a great tool for any female!!!

Now I have some exciting news for all of you.  I have been given a coupon code for you to use to get your own Flat Iron!!  

I can not tell you what the code is (you need to go to the site to figure that out for yourself) but it is WELL worth it!!!!

Here is the code-BLOGOFFUN, and it is valid until November 7th!!!  This will be perfect to get some of your holiday shopping done with!! 

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given the above item(s) for my review**

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