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Monday, October 31, 2011

Four Days From Hell!! myspace graphic comments

Here is a horror story that will have you all shaking in your boots.

**Sarah's Blog Of Fun is not responsible if you run from the room screaming**

This past Thursday, I got the pleasure of bringing my van into the dealership to get the doors fixed. I have power sliders and they had a recall. I dropped the car off, and got to drive around in a luxury car for the rest of the day. I had a lot of errands to run, so I did not have any time to get some much needed work done. My car was in the shop for 8 hours, but I got it back!!

Then Friday came!! I woke up, got the kids up and fed to bring Ben to school. Went out to start my car, and my sliders would not open. Now for anyone who has a minivan, when your sliders don't open you have to lift the kids over the front seat. That is not fun. I got the kids in the car, and tried to shut my front passenger door. It wouldn't shut. We were already running late, so I had to drive the van draped over the front seat holding the door closed. Scary and not fun!!

When I got back to my house, one of the sliders finally opened so I didn't have to lug Doug out the front again, but of course the door wouldn't close!! I pulled and shoved and kicked and punched the door and it wouldn't move.

Now here is where things get worse. Friday Ben Jr had a half day of school (out at 11:30,) Ben Sr had training that he had to go to, my parents cars were both in the shop with no brakes, and my Sisters car was in the shop for a flat tire and a recall. Oh and the car dealership is 45 minutes away. I had a couple options, but non were great. How we figured things out still blows my mind.

Ben Sr (before heading to training) went and picked up Ben Jr at 10:30 instead of 11:30) and brought Ben and Doug to my Mom to watch. I called roadside assistance and had a tow truck come out to get my car. My Sister got a ride over to my house so she could ride with me in the tow truck.

Then we waited, and waited. It took the tow truck two and a half hours to get to me. When he arrived, we found that instead of a bench seat, he had two single seats. My sister and I had to share a seat. She sat on the door frame, and I sat wrapped around the trucks gear shift. Very uncomfortable but it was only supposed to be a 45 minute drive. We would survive. Ha ha nope!! The drive turned into 2 1/2 hours because of road construction.

The whole time in the truck we got to listen to some pretty scary real life stories from our driver. (Will scare you too much to repeat)

When we arrived at the dealership, we could barely move but we made ourselves do so, so we could get away from scary tow guy.

The dealership brought my car in, and had it fixed with in an hour. It was some sort of broken wire.

We went home and nursed our bruises. I have a very sore left shoulder (from holding my weight up in the car, and a sore left knee from bracing around the gear shift. My sister has a huge bruise/welt on her rear end from sitting on the window crank on the door!!!!

Saturday started out well. I got up and drove to work. Now I listen to the news and radio, so I had heard that we were going to get a Nor-Easter, but I, like many others, could not believe it. It's October. We don't usually get snow, let alone a lot of snow, until December/January.

So my goal, just to be safe, was to hurry through the day and get home before it started (5pm we were told) Mid way through my route (1pm) the snow started. It was light at first, and then all hell broke loose. It became white out conditions. The rest of my route, which should have only taken me an hour, took three to do. Then I had to drive home. That was over 2 hours (instead of 1) I did make it safely home, and got to rest. I was physically and mentally wiped at this point. It had been a hard couple days.

Time to get worse!!! Ben and I put the kids to bed and we went to ours. At 1:30am our power went out. We sleep with fans going for noise, and so do the kids, so of course we are now all wide awake. After some coxing, we got the boys back to sleep, but I couldn't. I just layed there till 6am. I went downstairs and tried to call my parents. They work 3rd shift in their cars and I wanted to make sure they made it home ok. I had no home phone (because of power being out) and I also had no cell service either.

I (still hurting from Friday) went and shoveled the almost 2 feet of snow out of the driveway so I could drive over and see if my parents were ok.

I made it over there (after fighting downed trees) to find out they never even went to work, and that they had power and heat!!!!

So I started the trek home. I knew the boys would be hungry and I was dieing for coffee, so I stopped at the only place open, McDonald's, and waited 45 minutes for my food and coffee. When I finally made it to the window, a big chunk of ice fell off their roof and cracked my windshield. Ahhhhh!! I just got my car out of the shop!!!

I got back to my house, helped Ben finish shoveling and then we went to my parents. I went back to the house once during the day to see if power came back on, but it didn't. The fridge was starting to get warm, so I had to throw out a lot of food, and what I could save I gave to my parents.

One hour later, we went back home for the night, and had power back!!! Of course it was still too late for my food, but we at least had heat again.

As I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to be sore.  On top of all the tow truck pain, my right side is now in agony from shoveling. 

I am extremely far behind on work, schools are closed so I have two kids at home, plus trick or treating later.  I need four more sets of hands!!!  Ahhhh!!

All in all, these last four days were some of the worst I have ever dealt with.

I needed to share so that you all can feel better if you have a bad day or two too!!


Charity and John said...

Oh my gosh. That is horible! I hope the week brings better conditions for you all around!

turq said...

Yep, that was a bad 4 days!!! im so sorry for you. Odd how things seem to happen all at once.
Maybe you should burn some sage to clear out anything bad that may be hanging around.
I hope things get better soon.

katsrus said...

Sorry you are having an awful week. Sure hope it gets much better for you.
Sue B

Michele said...

What a nightmare! I'm glad everyone's safe

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