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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Meat Review


We are really excited about creating a delicious, meatless option to address all of our vegetarian and vegan friends, the growing number of flexitarians and the good people needing a cut back on cholesterol and fat. Our goal is to support changes to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Us?

Because we are living it. Dan Berlin, Director of R&D, is a flexitarian, however, vegetarian most of the time. He tried all of the options available and knew he could create a far superior cooking and dining experience. He and the Harmony team hit a home run with exceptionally tastier and healthier vegetarian meal mixes that are about to delight the globe.

Why Now?

There is a food revolution going on and people are demanding healthier alternatives. We are definitely at the forefront of changing the meatless experience. You can have health and the satisfaction, or rather soytisfaction, of flavor and goodness.

The Company

Harmony Valley is a great company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Launched in 2009 as a food service vegetarian/vegan alternative, HV is served at hot bars/deli section of Whole Foods Markets in the Rocky Mountain Region. Customers love it. When they raved about it and asked if we could give them a product to cook at home, we said YES. That is the great power of demand and supply.

In Spring 2009, we took the show on the road to Expo West and did our west coast launch of the Harmony Valley Vegetarian Meal Mixes. The response has been outstanding as we sought distribution throughout the country.

Our goal is to be in every state by the end of 2011 to serve our excited and growing customer base.

I am a meat eater!!!  I love it and eat it all the time!!!  So does Hubby!!

Harmony Valley contacted me and asked if I would try their Hamburger and Sausage "meat."  Guess what, it's not meat, it's vegetarian!!!

At first, I was nervous. I have tried vegetarian things before and I thought they tasted like cardboard (not that I have ever eaten cardboard!!)

Harmony Valley is different.  I was sent Hamburger and Sausage.

I have to admit, I couldn't really tell that it wasn't real meat!!

We cooked the hamburger with a velveta meal, and it tasted just like hamburger.  It was a little softer then regular hamburger meat, but otherwise, it looked and tasted just like hamburger.

To make it, you just add water, throw in the fridge for 15 minutes, and then cook like meat.

The sausage was just as good.  Ben turned it into patties, and we had it for breakfast. 

Again all you have to do is add water!!  That's it.

The meats are made out of Soy, which makes them better for you!!

Harmony Valley is introducing another new product soon- Hummus!!!  Yum!!

Check out their site to learn more, and see where you can get their products.

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