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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogorama Bonanza ~~Giveaway~~

Welcome to Blogorama Bonanza hosted by Jyla's Three Of Us Giveaway!!

Over 100 Blogs are all holding a giveaway valued at $75+!!  That's over $7500 in prizes to be won!!

Check out the awesome prizes I have from great sponsors, and then enter all the other giveaways!!!

Enjoy Hair Care is donating two awesome products (Review Coming soon!!) ($40)-

Shine and Smooth Spray

Eliminates frizzes. Makes hair soft and silky without weighing it down. Adds incredible shine and smoothness to any style or hair type. Great for hair and skin. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity.

Straightener Spray

Straighten and control coarse or curly hair. Leave hair feeling soft and smooth. Works on even the most difficult hair without building up.

Frownies is donating a $50 Gift Certificate to purchase anything you would like from their site!!

This is their Pink Bag (review coming soon!!)

You know how difficult it is to chose a skin care system and how often most people switch from one product to another. Frownies products contained in the Face Lift in a Bag will naturally and effectively help prevent problems associated with aging skin. Frownies skin care system helps lift expression lines, tones skin, brightens dark circles, evens skin coloration, reduces puffiness, hydrates, softens and plumps fine lines.
pH Balancing Complexion Wash when used daily will cleanse and tone the facial skin, leaving a brighter younger looking complexion. Retail value $12.95.

Biologically Active Immune Perféct Sample (2 Included); an antioxidant moisturizing wrinkle cream treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates, and nourishes the skin at a cellular level. The water soluble melanin in Immune Perféct helps protect the DNA of the skin cell thus strengthening the immune health of the skin. The best wrinkle cream for soft, hydrated, younger looking skin. Retail value 4ml sample $4.00.

Rose Water Hydrator – Pink; is a toner is used to refresh the face and neck area throughout the day as well as to activate and add treatment to the back of the Frownies facial patches. Rose Water Hydrator can be used under and over makeup anytime you are feeling extremely dry to plump fine lines and wrinkles that come from dehydrated skin. Retail value 60 ml. spray bottle $10.95

Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches – Pink (The Original Frownies since 1889); is applied over visible expression lines in the muscles on the face that can be seen when you are not expressing. Use this patch over horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and over the eyebrows, and vertical lines between the eyebrows sometimes referred to as "elevens". Wrinkle creams alone cannot help deep lines. 144 patches in the box retail value $19.95

Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patch - Pink; is applied over visible expression lines in the muscles around the mouth referred to as marionette lines and the lines on the outside of the eye and face sometimes called crows-feet. 144 patches in the box retail value $19.95

Gel Eye Sample Patches (1 Included) (Newest addition to Frownies) is a treatment to help build under eye collagen, lighten dark circles under eyes, and reduce puffiness under the eyes. Retail value 1 pairs of patch treatments $12.50.

Immune Shield Sample (2 Included) (a whole active form of vitamin E) is for lip hydration, fine lines around the lips, blemish control, after sun treatment and any difficult to heal area on the face or body. Immune shield is 40% whole vitamin E serum from organic whole oats. Retail value sample size 2ml $3.00

Skin Free Shincare is donating two terrific products ($20)-

Extra Moisturizing Soap and Shampoo Bar-

Our soap is like no others. It’s rich, creamy lather makes your skin feel rejuvenated and fresh. Most commercially available “soaps” are actually detergents. They remove skin oils and break down the protective barrier that helps skin healthy. Removing skin oils causes itching and can contribute to cracking and infection of delicate skin.

We “superfat” our soap with extra virgin olive oil, which contains natural anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants, and natural vitamins that aid in healing and soothing your skin. Naturally moisturizing shea and cocoa butters are added to reduce the tight, dry feeling normally experienced when using typical commercial soaps. The lack of chemical preservatives, fragrance, or colorants in this soap makes it ideal for individuals of any age, especially the very old and the very young, those with allergies, dermatitis, sensitive, or very dry skin.

Green Clay Mask-

French Green Clay enriched with soothing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and hypoallergenic Macadamia Nut oil helps to draw out impurities from blemish prone skin without over-drying. French Green Clay, also called Montmorillonite, is rich with volcanic minerals and extremely absorbant. We made it into a soft paste that is easily applied to face, neck, and shoulders. Healing Organic Niaouli essential oil helps prevent bacterial growth.

Apply to troubled areas and relax while it dries for 15 to 20 minutes for an occasional spa-like mask treatment. You can also apply a small amount to individual blemishes at bedtime and leave on to dry overnight to relieve redness, soreness, and inflammation.

Just rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth to see improvement.

Ingredients: Our Green Clay Mask for Blemish Prone Skin contains – Montmorillonite (French green clay), Olea Europea, (Olive) Seed Oil, Macadamia terrifolia Seed Oil, Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora (Niaouli) oil, Vanilla fragrance.

Tommee Tippee is donating their Closer to Nature Single Electric Breast Pump System ($149)-

Whether moving from breast to bottle, combining the two or choosing to bottle feed, our revolutionary bottle and nipple is your baby's very best option.

Intuitively designed for easier and more comfortable expressing. Researched and developed by Moms and breastfeeding experts. Unique expressables system lets you express, protect, prepare and feed in one easy system, no transferring, no waste.

•The soft silicone cup with innovative massaging ripples mimics a baby's natural feeding action, giving mom maximum comfort.

•Four suction levels allow for efficient expression, controlled by mom to suit her needs and comfort. Ideal for moms that regularly express.

•Easy to clean and assemble

•Extra comfort

•Soft silicone cup flexes and stretches to fit comfortably

•Perfect for in or out of the home

•Electric or battery operated

•BPA free

That's over $260 in prizes for one lucky winner!!!!


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I have your button on the right sidebar of my blog:

Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

okj83 at live dot com

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Thanks for the chance to win. I am a GFC, Facebook and networked blogs follower. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything.

Unknown said...

Hi - There are some glitches with the form. The same thing happened on my blog but I wanted to let you know.

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So sorry. Clicked on the wrong spot; did not leave a blog comment.

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