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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Bad Day That Never Ends!!

Have you ever have a bad day that you can't figure out how to stop??

That is mine today!!

It started yesterday afternoon when my 5 yr old came home from school.  He got sick.  Luckily he is learning, and when he felt icky, he made it to the toilet!!

Then things seemed to get a little better.  Ben Jr went to bed early and he slept through the night!!

This morning, because Ben Jr wasn't going to school, I got to sleep in a little.  I woke up to yucky weather outside and a huge wet spot on my bed that I rolled into.  My dog decided she was too lazy to wake me up, and peed on my bed!!  YUCK!!!!

As I was cleaning up that gross mess, I get the pleasure of hearing Ben Jr yell "Doug took his diaper off and pooped."

I run into their room to find poop on the rug and all over the 2 yr old. 

I cleaned up that mess, took the 2 yr old to the tub, and washed him.  Then went back to finish cleaning mess #1. 

After all the messes were cleaned, I sat down to get some work done.  Because of the storm, my internet keeps going in and out!!

Ahhhhhhh.  Can this day get any worse??

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I hope for your sake it does not get any worse!!!

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