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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hug By Koala Review

When your back is aching, there's nothing more soothing than a HUG. The Koala HUG Lumbar Support was developed by a renowned orthopedic surgeon based on medical and orthopedic expertise to help relieve lower back discomfort. Its unique "skeletal" design is sturdy yet lightweight and flexible. It fits snugly to allow complete freedom of movement for active lifestyles – gardening, biking, golf, jogging, hiking and more. And it's fully adjustable--one size fits waist sizes 29"-55".

A new way to help relieve your aching back.
The Koala HUG's new anatomical approach to back bracing is ergonomically designed to provide firm yet non-restrictive support to reduce lower back discomfort while encouraging correct posture. Plus, it's easy and comfortable to use. Simply put--HUG just feels good!

Relief is just a "hug" away with the Koala HUG Lumbar Support. Order from Brookstone today!

How does the hug work?

The hug “hugs” up against the body’s natural contours, resting easily on the pelvic bones while supplying constant support to the lumbar spine.

Why was the hug invented and by whom?

The hug’s inventor, Prof. David Segal M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, understood the limitations of the existing “wrap around” products that worked by applying pressure on the abdomen, reducing mobility, and creating difficulty in breathing, eating and overall discomfort. He also knew that the constant or prolonged use of wrap around is associated with muscular atrophy. In creating the hug™, Dr. Segal and Koala created a product that would alleviate back pain without any of the side-effects previously associated with other back pain products.

What happens to our backs as we age?

As people age, a natural loss of lordosis is bound to occur. It is crucial that one develops healthy back habits as early as possible to ensure minimum loss of lordosis, and minimal back pain.

How does the hug create a healthy back lifestyle?

The hug introduces the concept of active participation into back pain management and helps our bodies build a healthy back lifestyle. It applies pressure on the lower back, reminding us to pull away from this pressure, and in doing so, helps the user retain correct posture.

How is the hug different from other back pain solutions?

Unlike physiotherapy, chiropractics or acupuncture, the sufferer takes part in his own pain management, reducing the need for drugs or long term treatments.

The hug restores ideal alignment of the body. It assures weight is balanced over the spine and lower extremity joints with minimum muscular effort. This alignment also evenly distributes pressure on the inter-vertebral discs and avoids excessive stress on the ligaments. This prevents over-stressing certain muscles and ligaments of the lower back and helps strengthen spinal muscles.

How is the hug different from other belts, corsets or wrap-arounds?

The hug is the first anatomically designed lower back device that supports the lumbar spine while not placing any pressure on the abdomen. The user retains freedom of movement, enabling him to breath, eat, drink, sit, move and even do exercise safely and confidently all the while, maintaining good posture. Existing belts restrict movement, making it difficult to keep them on for periods of time.

Ben and I were in a pretty bad car accident in 2003.  We were hit by an 18 wheeler, and pushed into a box truck in front of us.  Our brand new car was totaled, and we were pretty badly banged up.

We were stopped at a light when this happened.  Ben took is safety belt off for just a minute to remove his jacket, and that's when we were hit.  He hit his head on the windshield and cracked both, and I actually saw the truck coming.  I received really bad whip lash, a couple fractured ribs, busted knee and sprained wrist.

We both had to go to physical therapy for months.  Our first day there, I had the body of a 98 yr old, and Ben was 95 yrs old. 

Of course this also happened 6 months before our wedding, and right after we had spent a weekend at our precana (Catholic weekend for marriage prep)

It was a long road to recovery, but we both still have a lot of back problems.  For me it is tough to sit for long periods of time.  It kind of makes it hard to work in a mail truck where I am sitting for awhile.

I have been using the hug for the last couple weeks at work (PO) and at home.  I love it!!

It is very comfortable to wear, I forget that it's there.  It is also helping me with the aches and pains.  I can sleep better at night now too.  I am no longer in agony before bed!!

If you would like to get more information and to purchase The Hug, check it out at Brookstone!!

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