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Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Me Laugh Monday 7/11/11

Today's Make Me Laugh is a simple story from this past weekend!!

Ben and I decided to get away for my Birthday (minus children)

One of our past fun places to go, was the casinos in Connecticut. We don't go very often, but we figured this would be a good trip for a night.

We got down there last night around 6pm. We didn't bring much money, because we didn't want to waste it!! We never win.

Well we actually did ok. We broke even (which is good for us) and at about 10 pm we were getting tired and ready to leave. We planned on staying at the casino, but I hadn't made reservations yet. Wrong move on my part.

Last night, Keith Urban (a country singer) was playing. This made the casinos night rates sky high ($400-$700 a night for the cheap rooms) We said NO!!!

We then decided to drive around to find a hotel.

After looking for 2 1/2 hours, stopping at over 20 different hotels in three different states, we finally found one that had vacancy in Rhode Island. We were hoping to spend no more then $75, but we spent $200!!!!

Long story short (I know too late now!!!) we will NEVER go away without a reservation again!!!

We did have a lot of fun though, and that's all that really mattered right!!!!

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