SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Hells Kitchen Week 3 Part 2 (Still Need A Couple Players!!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hells Kitchen Week 3 Part 2 (Still Need A Couple Players!!)

I am really hoping that Fox and Ramsey are not going to push this show to end quickly.  It's very weird to have so many episodes so quickly.

I still can't believe Ramsey got rid of Amanda.  Elise, or Carrie really should have gone!!

Elise is soooo obnoxious!!

Oh man, I eat the Chicken, I don't kill it!!  I hope they don't have to do that!!

Chasing the chickens was funny!!

Oh wow, they have to cook four dishes with just one chicken. 

That stinks that Monterray dropped some of the chicken!! 

Wow Carrie is a really bad cook!!  If I hear her say "Throw me under the bus" again, I am going to punch her through the TV!!!

Both of those last dishes looked yummy!! (I am really hungry right now!!!)

The red team finally won!!  They get to play with go carts!!  They are sooo much fun!!

Elizabeth is 27 and doesn't have a drivers license!!  I guess when you live in NYC, you don't need one!!

LOL, Chino fell behind during a mock dinner service!!

Nothing is as bad as disrespecting Ramsey, but disrespecting Scott and Andi is a close second!!

I love when they have celebrities in the kitchen!! 

How do you make a salad with way too much dressing??

Monterray needs to watch his mouth with Scott.  That man scares me.  I don't like getting yelled at either, but take it like a man and learn from your mistakes!!

The blue team looked like idiots with all that bickering in front of the swimmers!!

Chino is horrible with figuring out times.  That is not a good thing for working in a kitchen.  Then he messes up twice on the VIP table.  Not good.

Gina is horrible at cooking meat, and Elise is horrible at fish.  Wow!!

I hate when they shut down the kitchen.  Do they feed those poor people??  I would be very angry if I waited all that time, and didn't get to eat!!

At least Scott and Andi cooked for the VIP tables, but what about all the others??

Chino was ridiculous for pointing fingers at Natalie.  She was trying to help him.

Surprise, surprise, Elise and Carrie are at it again!!

This should be interesting to see who goes, Carrie or Elise??

I loved how Elise had Ramsey take a poll, and all but one voted Elise out!!

Too bad she wasn't kicked out.  Ahhhh.  Now she is going to be 1000 times worse!!!

If you would like to join in on the game, pick a player and comment below that "I want so and so." 

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS


vicjbr said...

I want Monterray Keys :)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness that Elise drives me batty!! Yap yap yap yap she is like a little rabid dog foaming at the mouth just to be heard. When my puppy barks too much I just stick him in the bathroom for some time out....I'm just saying she needs a time out.

Unknown said...

If you still need players can my husband take one?


katsrus said...

That lady drives me nuts too. She never shuts up. LOL.
Sue B

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