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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yup, I am still here!!!

Of course we were all talking about this at the PO today!!

In case you didn't know, if you are a good person, today you are supposed to leave this earth.

If you are a bad person, you will live until October.

There is supposed to be a large earthquake that kills millions today!!

This is all according to the bible.

Well as of 6:45pm est time on May 21st 2011, I am still here!!

I just wanted to check in.

Please let me know if you are still here??


Rachel Renee said...

I'm still here... and so is everyone else I know! LOL Actually, there is a nut named Harold Camping who made this stuff up. The Bible says that only God knows when the world will end... This guy predicted the world's end years ago and it didn't happen. So he changed the date. It did make for some funny jokes, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Well us aussies are still here LOL... :-)
Pitty i wanted to go up to heaven and slap a few peeps in the head etc... hehehehe. I still dont beleive there was such an uproar about it. What about the peeps who gave all there lifes $$ away :-(

Unknown said...

I'm still here and I sure hope this isn't a sign that I'm a bad person...

People need to zip the lips of lunatics that say this stuff...I can't imagine the anxiety that it has actually caused some people!!

Kimberly said...

Still here

Jackie said...

I'm still here. I guess that makes me a bad Guess we'll be able to enjoy one more summer :)

debbie said...

I am not really here.I have been raptured- they have the internet up here. LOL

katsrus said...

I am still here too. LOL.

Sue B

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