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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mothers Day Gift Guide-Brookstone

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Sarah's Blog Of Fun Mother's Day Gift Guide

If you are looking for some great gifts for a techie mom (I wish mine was!!!) then Brookstone is the place for you!!

Ben and I were invited to an event at the Natick MA Brookstone last month, and it was a lot of fun!!

Brookstone has some great new summer items in their very impressive new catalog.

I have taken some pictures of our favorite items below!!

Thumb size camcorder!! Isn't that soooo neat. I want one!!!

This is their Zoku Popsicle maker. It is a very simple to use tool, that makes life easy when you have kids.

All you do is freeze the machine for a couple hours, pour whatever you want in it for a Popsicle, wait 7 minutes and yeah Popsicles!!!

Brookstones new Neo Noodles last a lot longer then those cheap Styrofoam ones.

These are made with a light mesh material cover, so they work just as well, but last!!

They also have really cute loungers as well!!

Here is the Fire pit that I really, really want. It converts into a table when not in use.

Ben promised me I could get one very soon!!!

I think Ben had a really good time. He ate a lot, had some non alcoholic beverages using the really cool new Key West Margaritaville Blender, and lounged about in the recliner chairs!!!

I got to meet some great new fellow bloggers: Jane from Make Ahead Meals, and Kristi from Moms Own Words.

Over all it was a great, relaxing night away from the kids!!

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Kristi Maloney said...

Hi Sarah,

Great post! I am glad I caught it. It was nice to meet you and I hope we meet at another event in the near future! Have a great weekend!

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