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Monday, May 2, 2011

Make Me Laugh Monday 5/2/11

Today's Make Me Laugh is just a quick story!!!
This past Thursday, Ben got home from work and was running around chasing Doug. Ben Jr was being a 5 yr old brat all day, so of course he kept getting yelled at.
Doug somehow got his hands on the phone. Usually when he does this, he hits a couple buttons and then hands us the phone. Somehow this time he managed to dial 911 and then handed the phone to his Father. When Ben saw what was dialed, he quickly hung up hoping the call didn't go through. He was wrong.

Two minutes after the call was placed, we received a call back asking if we were OK.
Ben Sr answered the phone and apologized profusely telling them that it was an accident by a two year old.

Shortly after, I was outside with Sammy, when a police officer comes to the door. He wanted to 100% verify that we were OK.
I can only imagine what the officer thought, when I was outside (Sammy was off and not seen), and my Husband was inside again yelling at the 5 year old for not listening.

It was truly an embarrassing situation that I hope to never ever relive.

Oh and just in case you forgot, this all started because of a 2 year old evil baby mastermind!!!

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