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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Questions About The $650+ Prize Giveaway!!

OK here are the next batch of questions!!!

1. Is there any bling bling (ie jewelery?) YES!!

2. What is the most expensive thing in the box? LOL GOOD QUESTION. THERE ARE TWO ITEMS VALUED AT OVER $50!!

3. Are there any spring cleaning products? NO

4. Is there something for bath time? YES

5. Are there socks in the box? YES

6. Can it be used on the lips? NO

7. Is there kids nail polish in the box? NOT REALLY FOR KIDS.

8. Is there pet items in the box? YES

9. Is there hand soap in the box? NO

10. Are there shoes? NO

11. Is it used on your teeth? NO

12. Is there something for Christmas? YES

13. Is there any stationary products? NO

14. Can I use it in my garden? NO

15. Is it edible? NO

16. Is there a Blizzie? NO

17. Are there children's toys in the box? YES

18. Are there any earth friendly products? NO

19. Is it pink? THERE IS ONE PINK ITEM

20. Is one of the prizes from Entryvue? NO SORRY!!

21. Is it something that can be used in a car? YES

22. Is there lotion? YES

23. How much willing shipping cost? DEPENDS ON WHERE, BUT AT LEAST $20!!

24. Are there any method products in the box? I AM NOT SURE WHAT THAT MEANS, SO I CAN'T ANSWER! SORRY.

25. Can you cook with it? NO

26. Can I use them when doing laundry? SORT OF!!! LOL

27. Are there coupons for groceries? NO

28. Is it for the feet? YES

29. Is there a Yankee Candle in the box? NO

30. Are there breakfast foods? NO

31. Is there a gift card? NO

32. Is it an adult only product? THERE IS ONE YES!!

33. Is it something from Eden Fantasy's? YES

34. Can it be plugged into an electrical outlet? NO

35. Is it for in the water? NO

36. Are some of the items clothing for baby? YES

37. Anything in the box that holds money? YES

38. Is it soft or hard? SOME OF BOTH

39. Is there makeup in the prize? NO

40. Are there outdoor children's toys in the box? YES

41. Are there storage supplies? NO

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