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Friday, April 15, 2011

Questions About The $650+ Giveaway!!


There was a minor problem with the questions survey, but it should be up and running now. If it doesn't work for you, please email me and let me know!!

Ok, I wasn't expecting sooooo many questions within the first 24 hrs of the giveaway, so I am writing another post to answer them!!! There were a couple repeats, so the questions might not be worded exactly as you asked, but I did answer them all so far!!! Here we go-- 1. Is it something I can eat? NO 2. Is there something salty my Husband can eat? NO 3. Are there movies in there? NO 4. Are they prizes sponsored by companies or you? ALL ITEMS ARE SPONSORED BY ME, BUT THERE ARE SOME ITEMS FROM SPECIFIC COMPANIES THAT I HAVE WORKED WITH IN THE PAST. 5. Did you clean out your library (ie books?) THERE ARE SOME BOOKS YES 6. Can you wear it? THERE ARE SOME WEARABLE ITEMS, YES. 7. Is it black? YES THERE ARE SOME BLACK ITEMS 8. Is it a single item, or multiple items? THERE ARE OVER 50 ITEMS IN THE BOX!! 9. Can it be put on your body? THERE ARE MANY ITEMS YOU CAN PUT ON YOUR BODY. 10. Is there something yummy in my tummy? LOL, NO. 11. Is there nail polish in the box? YES 12. Is there things for the kitchen? YES 13. Is there seasonal items in the box (ie Easter?) NO. NOT THIS GIVEAWAY (HINT HINT) 14. Items for baby? YES 15. Is it used in the summer? SOME ITEMS YES. 16. Is it white? SOME ITEMS YES 17. Does the box contain items you have talked about on your blog? SOME YES. 18. Does it smell? YES SOME ITEMS DO!!! 19. Is there something to give ambiance at a meal? NO 20. Are they for kids or adults? SOME ITEMS FOR BOTH 21. Is there anything Thomas The Train? NO.


stacey dempsey said...

i cant get to your question form anymore just takes me to survey junkie page??

Sarah Coulsey said...

Hi Roswell,

I think I fixed the problem. Please try again, and I am sorry about that!!

jakiesmom said...

really cool giveaway..i love surprises!

Connie Black said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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