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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talk Of The Town Book Review

When fortysomething Chicago gossip columnist Rebecca Covington is banished to the home pages to make way for a younger replacement, she is determined to show the paper’s new owner that he has made a mistake. But first she has to learn how to cook. By lacing each published recipe with juicy stories, Rebecca has the city talking again—and catches the attention of the handsome CEO, David Sumner. Soon she is entertaining a dream offer from the rival newspaper while embarking on a possibly ill-advised romance with her boss. Rebecca’s efforts to balance career, love, and getting older will resonate with many readers, while her lifestyle of charity balls and designer duds will serve as escapism.

I loved this book!!

Even though the characters were a little older then I would have liked (I think they were in their 50's) they still had a lot of sex appeal.

Rebecca was at the top of her game, until David came along (without Rebecca even meeting him) and turned her world around.

David is the new owner of Rebecca's paper and has decided to shake things up and knock her off her beloved gossip column.

Rebecca refuses to take her firing seriously, and is forced to take a job as a food critic until she can regain her title

What she doesn't expect is her new boss to be Piece Brosnan of the newspaper world. He is gorgeous and takes her breath away.

Rebecca is all business though, and is willing to do almost anything to get her job back.

The tension and comical interactions between David and Rebecca will keep you wanting more!!

I didn't put this book down until I finished it, and then I read it again!!!

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