SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Survivor Fantasy Game Week 6

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Week 6

Matt is really good at all those Redemption Island Challenges!!

OK what does Steve expect Stephanie to say?? She had to vote for someone. Why does it matter?? They want her gone anyway!!

I really can't blame Phillip. I would be really annoyed myself by people who are lazy and can't be bothered to help.

The maze challenge looks like fun!! But really tough!!

Matt did it again!!! Wow he is good!!!

That was very nice of Krista to give Matt that Bible.

That is funny how the Zapetera tribe is trying to get rid of Sarita now!! It was a given that they would fight each other at some point.

Natalie and Ashley are lazy. I am glad that Phillip said something. Those girls need to grow up. I really hope neither one of them wins.

Stephanie is doing pretty well at trying to save her skin. Her talk with Steve seemed to work well in her favor.

The ball catching challenge seems like fun!! Grant is doing really well!!

Wow Grant kicked butt on that challenge. Rob caught one, but Grant got four!!!

That picnic reward looked very yummy!!! I want lobster!!

I love how Rob and Grant got caught with the clue. LOL just like high school!!

It will be interesting to see who goes home tonight.

I think it's funny how the Zapetera tribe has done a 180, and is no longer thinking team loyalty as much.

Wow I honestly thought they would keep Stephanie. Now poor David is going to be on the chopping block!!

So on that note, I need to say goodbye to Krista (picked by Krista!!!) Thank you for playing!! See you all next week!!


Ashley Underwood KELLY'S LUCKY YOU

David Murphy DANA

Francesca Hogi

Grant Mattos TARA

Julie Wolfe KARI

Kristina Kell SEAN



Natalie Tenerelli TERRY

Phillip Sheppard

Ralph Kiser DEBS DESK

Sarita White ELIE

Stephanie Valencia DEBBIE

Steve Wright CHERYL C

Rob Mariano SHELLEY T


Krista Klumpp KRISTA

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