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Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Me Laugh Monday 3/21/11

OK, this is kind of a sad post!! I am right now 39,000ft in the air. My plane has WIFI. I am heading home :(

In Orlando, it was 85*, sunny, warm and just great. Now I am heading back into Massachusetts, and it is 30* and snowing!! Yuck!!!
I have some awesome information to share with everyone about my trip. Disney was soooooooo good to us!!!

Here is one funny little tidbit I just had to share before Monday ends!!

In Hollywood Studios (or as we still call it MGM) there is a restaurant called The 50's Prime Time Cafe. At this restaurant, you are waited on by servers who really hold you to your manors. (IE. No elbows on the table, eat all your veggies, clean your plate etc) The server we had really liked to yell at this table full of young girls behind us. At one point when the server yelled something, my 5 yr old yelled back "Use your inside voice!!!!"

I guess he listens to some of the rules we throw at him!!! (p.s he had half of the restaurant laughing!!!)

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad you had a great time here. We have been to that restaurant a few times at Hollywood Studios. Its supposed to get to 90 on Sunday. I'm so glad I live in Orlando. I do not miss back home in the snow and mush

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