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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stan's Leap Book Review

What would you do if you found yourself stranded in Paradise? Newlyweds Jenny and Stan are eager to travel before they begin building their family. After seeing an intriguing ad in a travel magazine, Jenny arranges a vacation to a remote Pacific island. The advertisement promises a completely authentic Polynesian experience. Despite an arduous journey to reach their paradise, they are excited to immerse themselves in the history, adventure, and culture of the Polynesian islands as they were before contact with the western world.

Led by the zealous Kimo and his beautiful partner Nani, Henderson Island first appears as idyllic as hoped. The island's natural environment promises to provide for all their needs without modern materials and technology. Several days after arriving, however, an unusual storm disrupts their routine. And when the weekly flight back to civilization fails to arrive, tempers flare and deep rifts among the guests are formed.

Day after day passes with no sign of life beyond Henderson Island's shores. As days extend into weeks and months, Jenny, Stan and the other vacationers are left searching for explanations, rescue, and finally a new reality.

About the Author

Tom Duerig, a physicist by training, is the president of a medical device company. While he has a long history of scientific writings, this is his first work of fiction. His hobbies include sailing and studying the history of the South Pacific, two intricate elements of this novel.

I tried to imagine myself living on an island with just my Husband and a couple other strangers for the rest of my life without technology. I couldn't do it!!

I need my family, friends, computers, phones, TVs etc!!!

Jenny and Stan are in need of another vacation! When Jenny sees an ad for a new island retreat, where you go back in time to live a simple life, she just has to go. Stan agrees. All though Jenny is pregnant (and not supposed to go) they set out for an adventure of a life time.

I don't want to say too much about what happens, because I really want you to read this.

Tom Duerig is an exceptional writer. He kept me interested and intrigued the entire time.

What the poor people go through on the island is incredible, and unfortunately possible.

You get to see what living with one "leader" can do, and how certain people get used to the idea of never being rescued

Tom's ending bothered me just a little. I understand it, but I don't quite agree with it!!

I thought this was an extremely well written book, that I recommend to anyone.

~~All opinions expressed are 100% mine. I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of the book to read thanks to BohlsenPR Inc~~

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