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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Am Sooooooo Excited!!!!!

Some of you may have heard me tell you a time or two how much I love Blogging.

But...... there is one thing I love more!! DISNEY WORLD!!!

Now if you put the two together, I would be in heaven!!!

Oh wait they do, and they call it The Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

This past Thursday, 1,000's of Bloggers tried to register for a chance at only 150 spots.

I was one of the people fighting to get in, and keeping my fingers crossed at the same time!!

Once you did get to register, you had to wait for a confirmation email (saying they received your info)

That took a couple hours.

If you were lucky enough to get that, then of course you still had to wait for the "You are going" email (which would come the next day!!)

So I sat and waited to register, got through, waited for the confirmation email, then had to wait to see if I got picked.

24 hrs later, I received an email saying "Welcome to The Social Media Mom's Conference!!"

I get to go, and the best part is that I get to bring my Kids, Husband, and Sister!!!

I have heard a lot of people say how awesome last year was, and I can't wait to go!!!

I am excited to meet all the Mom Bloggers going, but I am also sorry that a lot of people didn't get in. I wish them the best of luck for next year!!!

I will post more info, as the date gets closer.

That was the best Christmas present I could get!!


Teresa said...

Congratulations on getting one of the "Golden Tickets"! Can't wait to read all about your trip!

katsrus said...

Congrats Sarah!

Sue B

Kel said...

Congratulations! I love Disney too. Do you know if they do this every year? I would love to give it a shot next year.

Kel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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