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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Lethal Lies Book Review

On the run since his daughter was born, Mitch Turner has concealed a truth so dangerous, its discovery could jeopardize both their lives. But when a series of shocking murders hits their new found home, the trail leads straight to Mitch. With the police out for blood and his daughter ripped from his arms, he has nowhere to turn--until a beautiful stranger offers her help.

Neesy Brown has made mistakes in her life, yet she refuses to believe this mysterious man is a killer. There's a strength in his broad shoulders that draws her to him and a weariness in his eyes that she longs to ease. As the murders tear her small town apart, she vows to help Mitch find his missing child. But a cunning predator is pulling them deeper and deeper into his fatal game. And the price of losing is the child--and the future--they could both share...

I love romance books. I love reading about how people fall in love, and all the trials they go through to get there.


I like reading about people who are sort of better off then me.

Let me explain. I like reading books about people who are a little older, have at least the same pay scales if not better then my Husband and I, and just over all have a somewhat better/different life.

This book starts out with a man named Mitch. He is probably in his late 30's early 40's (at least that is what I picture in my head), he is driving around in an old beat up truck with his 11 yr old daughter. You come to find out that Mitch is homeless, and living in that truck with his daughter.

Right off the bat, this made me not want to read the book. As I said before I want to read about people who have better lives, not worse.

After some problems arise (which are really interesting) Mitch takes a job at a diner. There he meets a waitress, Neesy, and sort of starts to date her.

Again this is not really what I want to read about.


I kept chugging through and found the story to get really interesting, and kind of scary!! It turned into a page turner after that. I couldn't put it down.

You learn a lot more about Mitch, and then you fall in love with him!!!

So if you are like me, and just want to read about people with "better" lives then your own, give this book a read. It starts out rough, but gets 1000 times better by the end. Don't get me wrong the book is very well written through out, it just starts out differently then I would have liked!!!

Oh and of course I can't forget the whole murder mystery!! It was written in a sort of James Patterson style and I loved it. The murders that take place are horrible, but there is a really neat outcome to each murder. I can't say more!!!

* All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was given a copy of the book to read for my review thanks to Hachette Books Group*

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