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Friday, November 5, 2010

Simply Irresistible Book Review

In this heartwarming and sexy contemporary romance from bestseller Shalvis (Instant Temptation), Maddie Moore meets the man of her dreams, but must fight her inner demons to make it work. Maddie, straight out of an abusive relationship and unemployed, is trying to change "from mouse to tough girl." When she arrives at Lucky Harbor, Wash., to reunite with her two half-sisters and inspect the dilapidated inn inherited from their mother, Maddie nearly runs a handsome stranger off the road. Jax Cullen is the town's mayor, a master carpenter, and a passionate lover. He's willing to give Maddie everything if she can overcome her fear of men and vulnerability. A somewhat forced second half and overabundant telepathic eye contact are mitigated by an abundance of chemistry, smoldering romance, and hilarious sisterly antics.

I want Jax!!! All though his name is spelled weird!!

He is the all around perfect man!! He can fix anything, he has money, he helps and truly loves his friends, he stands up for himself, and he is sexy!!!

The three Sisters are all hilarious. They each have their own demons to deal with from their past, but they are all trying really hard to get along and make a go of the Inn that their estranged Mother left them.

The towns folks are fun loving and funny!!

Jax and Maddie have a lot of issues to work out, but they seem like a great couple.

This is a really heart warming book. There are many times where you will laugh, cry and just be happy!!!

Jill Shalvis makes this a must have, page turner!! You will not put it down.

She did leave one mystery WIDE open, that drove me nuts, but I think I figured it out!!!!

* All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was given a copy of the book to read for my review thanks to Hachette Books Group*

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