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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 9

Sorry I am late with last weeks post. The Holidays and Work have thrown me off schedule A LOT!!!

Of course the whole episode didn't tape again (stupid football) so I have no idea who got voted off!!

I guess I will let you know on my next post!!

Ouch a double u-turn would really hurt a team bad!!

I don't know if Kat and Nat were wise on their choice of flying to one place and then taking a chance to get to their right destination.

Good job for Jill and Thomas for getting a better flight. Same with Nick and Vicki.

Nat and Kat's flight plan didn't help them at all.

That sugar cane juice must have been really really sweet!!

Those rickshaws cut it pretty close to avoid hitting cars!!

I would not pick the brick challenge. That would give me an instant headache!!

Jill and Thomas are flying through these challenges!!

Brook and Claire are going to be ticked!!

I am glad that Nick and Vicki are in second. I like Vicki. She is a tough girl!!

Jill and Thomas have a HUGE lead!! Wow!!

I want a $15,000 gift card!!!

That was nice of Vicki and Nick not to u-turn anyone!!

Poor Chad and Stephanie are now in big trouble not going to the right spot and not finding help.

How come they all forget the chain on the rickshaws??

Chad and Stephanie and Brook and Clarie are now going to have it tough!!

It looks quite warm having to carry those bricks and fix those rickshaws. The sweat is dripping down their faces!!

Chad is a little angry at the doctors huh??

I got to watch the end on so I saw that Chad and Stephanie were the last to arrive which means they are gone from the race.

Which also means that I need to say goodbye to Beth.

Thank you for playing!!

Andie and Jenna- TAKEN BY TARA

Brook and Claire- TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Chad and Stephanie- TAKEN BY BETH

Connor and Jonathan- TAKEN BY BUSTERMAMA


Jill and Thomas- TAKEN BY LB

Katie and Rachel- TAKEN BY TERESA



Nick and Vicki- TAKEN BY ELIE

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