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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sugar Tower Book Review

Veteran real estate broker, Jessica Dee Rohm, who has sold multi-million dollar condominiums for developers from Manhattan to Moscow, comes SUGAR TOWER! Set in today's Manhattan, Sugar Tower is a sharp and funny tale of a woman forced to reinvent herself as the platforms she built her life upon are dissolving beneath her feet. With uncanny perceptiveness, this novel delves into recent societal shifts that impact us all - the real estate bubble, the transience of wealth, the changing face of print journalism - in the context of a murder mystery that titillates and dazzles from beginning to end. The question on everyone's lips: Is Sugar Tower fiction...or fact?

In Sugar Tower, the great real estate crash has pulled the rug out from under one of New
York's best known developers. While he struggles to keep his family dynasty afloat, his
wife is found dead in the swimming pool of his newest trophy condominium, Sugar
Tower. The newspaper reporter covering the real estate beat at the City's second largest
daily becomes obsessed with investigating the death of the developer's wife and
inadvertently discovers secrets about Sugar Tower's wealthy occupants, normally
guarded by doormen and concierges, as well as a few about herself.

Sugar Tower was a quarter-finalist for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the
Year Award, garnering the following comments from one of the contest's expert readers:

"Fascinating and well-written. I was hooked pretty quickly.the fact-dense prose flowed
well and clearly, giving no pause. It's not easy to introduce a number of characters early
in a work without putting the reader off or generating confusion, but in this case it was
cleverly done with enough description and involvement to make them stick. The murder
scene and surrounding characters were well built and can be recalled as needed. The
subject matter surrounding this mystery is timely and fresh without calling attention to
itself. The demise of the printed news story, the consequences of a young woman building
her career first, the wide dispersion of families, the trophy wife, the downside of privilege
and the fragility of invested wealth are among themes woven into [Sugar Tower], any or
all of which ...make this a first rate read."

About the book:
Sugar Tower by Jessica Dee Rohm
ISBN: 978-1453650097
Publisher: Olivicas Press
Date of publish: Sept 15, 2010
Pages: 301
S.R.P.: $16.00

About the author:
Jessica Dee Rohm is a serial entrepreneur with a MFA in Creative Writing and an MBA
from Columbia Business School. Sugar Tower is Ms. Rohm's third novel. Make Me an
Offer and The Secret Life of Sandrina M. are still in print.

This book seems so real, that it might just have happened!! (I hope not!!)

Mach is a news reporter trying desperately to save her job and her newspaper.

She decides to do a piece about a wealthy women's murder that has gone unsolved for the last year.

As she teams up with a cop on the Special Task Force, she learns alot about the "victim" and her high society life.

As you read along, you never know what kind of bad things are yet to be discovered about the "Victim."

I also love the way the murdered committed the crime. Very original!!

I really like Jessica's writing style. She keeps you wanting more.

I don't want to spoil anything, but the ending was extremely sad!!

I really liked this book, and I hope to read more of Jessica's writing.

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