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Monday, October 4, 2010

Make Me Laugh Monday 10/4/10

I love when the stories that really make me laugh, are made right here in my own back yard!!!

OK, I understand that I live in a fairly small town, so there isn't alot of big time local news stories.

In this day and age though, there is ALOT going on in the world.

I personally would have thought there was something a little more news worthy to be front page center of the paper then this below story!!!

Let me know what you think!!!

Beloved bookstore cat dies


[ Originally published on: Saturday, October 02, 2010 ]

SHELBURNE FALLS -- There's a best-selling biography, called ''Dewey: the Small-Town Library Cat Who Changed the World.'' And, in a way, Shelburne Falls has lost its own ''Dewey.''

Boswell the cat, who has greeted customers at Boswell's Books for the last 15 years, died Sept. 25, after a brief illness.

The cat was technically ''Boswell III,'' born July 4, 1995 as part of a litter of kittens belonging to former store manager Jody Owens. An earlier owner of the bookstore, Anne Plunkett of Heath, had named the bookstore ''Boswell's'' after her bookstore cat, in 1991. Since then the store has changed owners, and the original bookstore cat has been replaced twice, but the Boswell name has stuck for both mascots and the business.

The most recent Boswell, a friendly, good-natured cat, has endured some hard pats and squeezes by over-eager toddlers and frequently followed customers around ''talking to them,'' says store owner Lori Pirkot.

Pirkot is planning to host a remembrance/celebration on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. at the store. She is hoping those who come will share their stories and, if they have any, photos of the cat. Pirkot says she would like to put up a photo display of Boswell in the store.


Anonymous said...

WOW seriously! Then again, if that is the most critical news..that town is Mayberry! :)

Sarah Coulsey said...

LOL, The best part about you comment Marvi is that my Husband is a Sheriff. I guess he is Andy, and I am Barney!!! I was on the floor laughing soooo hard!!!

Kel said...

Sounds like my kind of town! We actually have a store where we are always greeted by cupcake the friendly pooch.

debbie said...

Well, the author has written several books, and the cat did bring alot of press to the town. I am sorry to hear he died. You should see some of the headlines from my newspaper. Blehh.

debbie said...

I am sorry, never multi task. I thought it said dewey the cat died. I promise never to try to answer my son, pet a demanding siamese, answer the phone, and read all at the same time again. Now I feel like an idiot.

Sarah Coulsey said...

LOL Debbie don't feel bad. I just went and entered 5 giveaways on other blogs that ended two weeks ago!!! That's what happens to me when I am chasing a 4 yr old around, talking on the phone, and working on line!!!

Cheryl Tardif said...

The poor puddy tat. :-( Cats and bookstores are so great together.

Kind of like Stalker Sarah and romance author Cherish D'Angelo...hehe

I thought I'd drop by and return the stalking favor. :-)

Now why did I not book your blog as a host for my tour? And do you want me as a guest? Cause if you do, I can write you something special...maybe something about stalkers...hehe

Cherish D'Angelo,
author of Lancelot's Lady

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