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Monday, September 13, 2010

Twilight Trivia Tuesday Week 5

Congratulations to Ashley Stone who won last week!!

Sorry I am so late posting this today. I had to work at the P.O!! This is the last week. Good luck everyone!!

Now with all my favorite Reality shows off air for the moment, I figured it would be fun to have another Trivia Game.

Now what better then a Twilight Trivia Game??

I am going to make the rules really simple.

The first person to answer all five questions correctly, WINS!!!

I am using questions from a game that I bought, and also from the books and movies.
Some questions will be easy, some will be really hard!!!

Each Tuesday, I will have 5 new questions. Again who ever answers them all correctly first wins.

Now what do you win, you ask??

Ummmmm......... how about $2 a week, and then I will randomly (using pick a winner at the end of the game, to get a bigger prize.

I don't know what that prize will be yet, but I will let you know.

We will play the Trivia every Tuesday until September 14th. One month of Twilight fun!!

So here are this weeks questions. Good luck!!

1. In Breaking Dawn, why did Charlie get happy all of a sudden after Bella told him she was getting married??

2. What did Bella's parents give her as her "Something old??"

3. What are the three things Edward "damaged" while he and Bella had relations??

4. What is Jacobs Sisters name, and who is she marrying??

5. What are the names of the two Romanian Vampires??

Please make sure that your email address is included in your comment. I have to let you know if you won or not!!!

Good luck and thanks for playing!!


bustermama said...

1. tells Bella she has to tell her mother
2. Grandma Swan's hair combs
3. bed frame, Bella, pillows
4. Rachel and Paul
5. Vladimir and Stefan
mansfielderin at hotmail dot com

Sarah Coulsey said...

You have one wrong!! Try again.

bustermama said...

3. Bed frame, pillows, and Bella's night gown/lingerie. mansfielderin at Hotmail dot com

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