Monday, September 27, 2010

OK I Need Help!!!!

With Halloween not that far off, I need some suggestions for costumes for my Family!! The four of us are dressing up, and I can't find anything that kind of goes together!!!

Any ideas??

Remember that there is a Mommy, Daddy, 4 yr old boy, and 1 yr old boy!! Oh and throw in the Yorkie dog too!!!

Thanks everyone!!


Sippy Cup Mom said...

The Incredibles Family!

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Toto!

A. Kerr said...

Peter pan, Wendy, John & Michael would be way cute and costumes wouldn't be too hard!

Dee said...

A lot of people have suggested to me the incredibles and wizard of oz - I'd try to go with something different!

I have a boy and girl so I was thinking Flintstones.

LOVE Aubrey's suggestion! :)

Student Entrepreneur said...

You could always do Star Wars!!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Disney characters...Micky...Minnie...Goofy...Donald...pluto. :)

Or my daughter keeps suggesting that we all be different foods. (she's only 3, though.)

Or Snow White and some of the dwarfs.

debbie said...

How about a butterfly, spider, dragonfly,bumblebee and the dog can be a flower.

Unknown said...

You could all go as clowns! with matching noses!

Sarah Coulsey said...

Thank you all. I love your suggestions!! I will let you know what we pick!!!

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