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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hells Kitchen Fantasy Game Week 1

Wow Season 8 begins very quickly after Season 7 ended!!!!

That was cute locking the door and blind folding them, but where is JP and who is James??

The new intro was cute!! I love how there is a new one each season!!!

Wow the whole boob comments by Ramsey towards Emily were hilarious!!!!

Poor Sabrina. I feel bad for her getting yelled at for yawning.

Oh my Antonia's dish did look like poo. YUCKY!!!! Did she really need to argue with Ramsey??

I love the reactions of all the contestants when they were forced to take a taste!!

"You can't judge a book by it's highbrows!!!"

Wow Melissa is short!!

Sabrina is weird but she seems like a good cook.

I love Raj's red suspenders!!!

Ouch for Antonia killing it for the girls.

Raj scares me!! He reminds me of a co-worker of mine. He acts and dresses just like my co-worker. It's weird!!

That's a first. Opening night and a player goes down before they start. Usually they go down episode two or three!!

I want Jean Philippe back. What happened to him??

Why is Raj talking like an idiot?? He can't take orders and he is a waiter??

Boris is a dummy for mimicking Ramsey.

Wow is all I can say about Sabrina bringing food without the rest of the team.

Two hours into dinner service and NO ENTREES. This season is just as bad as the last one!!

Wow Antonia is done without really ever cooking. That's too bad for her. I hope her health is OK.

Sabrina is a very big pain in the butt. She is rude, arrogant, and just plain mean. I hope she doesn't make it much longer.

That's bad for the girls that they are down two players right off the bat. Ouch.

I liked their wake-up call. That was cute!!!

I have never made sushi or even eaten it. It kind of scares me a little!!

The guys did well. Except for forgetting the Wahhabi!!

Every second I see Sabrina, I dislike her more and more and more!!

What was Vinny thinking when he told customers not to order sides to speed up their orders?? That was soooooooooo dumb!!

"I don't know how to cook meat" What kind of stupid statement is that from Emily??

After making like 200 sushi rolls, you would think Curtis would get better.

Three blue team members get kicked out. That's too funny!! Then the rest of the team goes. LOL

Then they fight!! Does Ramsey pick people for this show because they are silly??

Good for the girls finishing service like that. Very bad for the boys!!

I was shocked to see Curtis go home. I really thought it would be Raj.

Wow what is with all the ambulances on next weeks episode?? I don't want to wait a week to watch it!!!

So after an interesting two hour episode I have to say goodbye to LB, and Colleen.

Thank you both for playing!!

Sabrina Brimhall

Antonia Boregman TAKEN BY LB

Melissa Doney TAKEN BY BETH

Jillian Flathers TAKEN BY SHELLEY


Lisa LaFranca

Gail Novenario TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Nona Sivley

Vinny Accardi Jr.

Raj Brandston



Rob McCue



Louis Repucci TAKEN BY TARA

1 comment:

katsrus said...

When he told her to cover her puppies I almost peed my pants! And I want Raj to stay for awhile. I have never laughed so hard at a Hell's kitchen show in my life. Son says he's one fry short of a happy meal. LOL. And the faces he makes. OMG! Cracks me up. Where the heck did they find that guy?? I want JP back too!!!!!
Sue B

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