Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Dreaming of fluffy Belgian waffles topped with frothy raspberry sauce? How about spicy Buffalo wings served with a creamy Gorgonzola dip? Or is a fizzy Bellini or sangria more your speed?

Whatever your mouth-watering craving may be, chances are, it can be whipped up in the new Creative Whip by iSi North America. Designed for and easy enough for the most novice of home chefs, the iSi Creative Whip empowers users to get inspired, making their “whipped dreams” come true. If you can “dream it up,” you can “whip it up” with the new iSi Creative Whip!

The Creative Whip, a fully evolved, multifunctional tool for today’s imaginative home chefs, effectively replaces the need for a hand beater, emersion blender, stand mixer, frother, whisk or other kitchen tool designed for beating and incorporating air into ingredients. Its applications are endless.

Carbonate whole blueberries for an effervescent ice cream topper. Whip up the crispiest tempura or beer batters around. Whip up fresh creamy mayo, sweet and savory sauces, vinaigrette's and so much more. Does a recipe call for whipped egg whites? Whip and dispense with ease! The Creative Whip will add a light, fluffy or fizzy textural experience to any dish or recipe – old favorites and new inventions alike!

Getting creative with this new iSi Whip is as easy as one, two, three:

1) Fill bottle with strained recipe of choice.

2) Screw on top and charge with an iSi charger.

3) Dispense and enjoy! It’s as simple as that.

The Creative Whip is available in two sizes – ½ pint and 1 pint – and features a polished stainless steel bottle and aluminum head with a removable stainless steel valve for easy cleaning. Each unit comes complete with two metal-threaded decorator tips, a cleaning brush, a stainless steel charger holder and dust cap.

Available Fall 2009, the suggested retail price will be $90 for the ½ pint Whip and $100 for the 1 pint Whip.

Food Is Flavor

From single ingredient whipped cream to complex, rich foams and espumas, the iSi System allows users to achieve pure flavor in endlessly creative ways. Designed in Austria and crafted with exceptional quality, iSi whippers have the look and feel both chefs and home cooks want, and the ease of use and cleaning they need. iSi’s cream and soda chargers work seamlessly with all iSi products. Together, the iSi System improves yield and lowers waste while allowing consumers and food professionals to create food with more flavor.

About iSi North America

iSi Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality cream and food whippers, soda siphons and their respective chargers, was founded in Vienna in 1811. Since the launch of their US subsidiary in 1977, iSi North America continues to charge the way as an innovator in kitchen tools and products with the addition of their silicone-based Basics line. For light desserts, creamy sauces, sparkling refreshments and the freshest whipped cream, the iSi System makes it possible for home chefs to achieve professional quality results with ease. To learn more about the iSi system, call (800) 477-2426 or visit"

Wow is this one neat little tool!!!

I was shocked at all the things you can make with it!!

Ben and I of course had to try a bunch!!

We went crazy making Soda, Mouse, Whipping Cream in all sorts of flavors.

This little machine is tons of fun!!

The only problem we had at first was following the directions. For us they were a little complicated.

After we figured out everything, the machine is very simple!!

We received the Creative Whip Machine, Decorative Tips, and both Cream and Soda Chargers.

All we had to do was install a cartridge, add what we wanted for ingredients and go!!!

Very simple operation and light weight.

The Creative Whip is great for anyone and would make a perfect gift for that favorite Chef!!

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