Saturday, September 11, 2010


OK guys I have a confession to make.

I am a soapaholic!!! (Is that a word??)

I love, love, love homemade soaps.

They lather soooo much better then big name brand soaps, and they smell soooo much better too!!

My new friend Beth from Castle Company Soaps is a sponsor for Blogmania (I bet you cant guess what she is donating!!!)

Besides the donation to one lucky reader, Beth sent me some soap to try.

It came in a very professional looking box, and boy did it smell great!!!

Ben and I used it right away. Each bar lasted for quite awhile and lathered very well.

Check out a couple of the great scents from Castle Company Soaps.

Natural Wholesome Oatmeal and Honey Soap-

Created with wholesome basic ingredients, this exfoliating bar made with oatmeal and honey will help show the world your fresher, younger, healthy skin. Oatmeal well-known as a natural scrub and honey to help retain moisture. What a beautiful radiant glow!

This handmade goat milk soap is made using the time-honored cold-process method and includes the following ingredients:

* GOAT’S MILK has long been known for its moisturizing properties.

* OLIVE OIL is noted to help the skin maintain it’s natural moisture levels, both protecting the skin and letting it breathe, as well as for its cleansing qualities.

* COCONUT OIL is chosen by many soap makers since it is known help harden the bar and for its lathering qualities (bubbles!).

* OATMEAL is noted to gently cleanse the skin as well as help sooth itching due to dry skin.

* HONEY is known to attract and retain moisture.

Each bar weighs 3-3.5 oz.

I love making handmade soap. My family and friends know me to be organized, analytical and hard working. They’re now also seeing the creative, crafty side of me when they use my handcrafted soaps. One friend, whose husband will now use only the soap I make, told me I would have made a great pioneer woman. I don’t know about that, but I feel like one for a moment when I make these basic soaps

Hearty Spicy Lavender Goat Milk Soap-

Hearty and calming, the earthy floral scented oils is not your typical lavender scent since it is mild but with a spicy kick. Color and scent are natural and taken directly from plants. Confident and natural, just as you are!

Mellow Lemon Ginger Goat Milk Soap-

A mellow blend of lemon and ginger, the mildly-scented oils in this soap is an innocent pleasure since this citrus-y ginger is not overpowering. Color and scent are natural and taken directly from plants. Perfect for bringing out your healthy serenity!

Deliciously Nutty Honey Almond Goat Milk Soap-

Delicious and nutty, the decadently-scented oils in this soft and gentle soap is pure pleasure! Color and scent are natural and taken directly from plants. This is another treat that you can allow yourself to enjoy!

Castle Company has a great variety of soaps. Head over and take a look!!!


Ron Cooper said...

Good to see you on Strollin’ Sunday Blog Hop! My Facebook fan page, “Inspire!” has quotes, poems and stories to inspire you. I’d like to invite you to stop by!

Michelle said...

I love homemade soaps.
They smell so good.

I have an award for you on my blog.

The Sisters' Hood said...

We love soap too ... and my hub is a really girly bath time boy so we always know what to buy him!
Stopping from a hop!

Ivy said...

How cool! I can honestly say I've never tried homemade soap. But it sounds like something I should try!

Thanks for posting! And great blog. I'm stopping over from New Horizon Reviews. Congratulations on your Cherry On Top Award!!!

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