Wednesday, August 25, 2010


OK I have tried to watch Master Chef. It isn't a bad show, but I don't like the judges.

The other two guys beside Ramsey annoy me. They are extremely anal!!

Any way, tonight I decided to watch the show, and I just saw a commercial.

Hell's Kitchen is coming back on September 22nd!!!

Now I love the show ALOT, but I am wondering why it is coming back so quickly.

I want to know what all of you think. Do you think the show is coming back on too soon??


debbie said...

I hate to say, but I think it is economics. It is much cheaper to have a show like this, than a regular series.
They are also doing a new top chef desserts soon. Are you going to watch it?

Vera said...

I actually like Master Chefs since I've been to some of their restaurants, and it's fun to root on my favorites. Hell Kitchen is a bit extreme for me, too much yelling :)

Colleen Turner said...

I am having trouble getting into Master Chef as well and taped the show last night to watch Ghost Hunters. I am so excited to see that Hell's Kitchen is coming back soon as I LOVE that show. It, to me, does seem like more of a summer show but I am still glad it is coming back sooner.

katsrus said...

I love Hell's Kitchen but; I don't like that they changed it to a Wed night. That is when my Ghost Hunter's is on. That is my show I won't miss. I don't care for Master Chef at all.
Sue B

LB said...

I heard that too but IDK... this past season was kinda bleh. Nobody was that good or interesting. There is something else I watch at that time so I might not watch this season.

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