Tuesday, August 17, 2010


OK if you have been reading my blog for even a week, you should know that I LOVE TWILIGHT and of course EDWARD!!

Now with all my favorite Reality shows off air for the moment, I figured it would be fun to have another Trivia Game.

Now what better then a Twilight Trivia Game??

I am going to make the rules really simple.

The first person to answer all five questions correctly, WINS!!!

I am using questions from a game that I bought, and also from the books and movies.

Some questions will be easy, some will be really hard!!!

Each Tuesday, I will have 5 new questions. Again who ever answers them all correctly first wins.

Now what do you win, you ask??

Ummmmm......... how about $2 a week, and then I will randomly (using pick a winner at the end of the game, to get a bigger prize.

I don't know what that prize will be yet, but I will let you know.

We will play the Trivia every Tuesday until September 14th. One month of Twilight fun!!

So here are this weeks questions. Good luck!!

1. Edward was dying of what illness when Carlisle Cullen made him immortal??

2. In which month does Bella start classes at Forks High School??

3. Who is Phil??

4. What does Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer have to eat at the Diner??

5. What does Rosalie refer to Emmett as during the Cullens' baseball game??

Please make sure that your email address is included in your comment. I have to let you know if you won or not!!!

Good luck and thanks for playing!!


star said...

1. Spanish Influenza
2. January
3. Phil is Bella’s step dad
4. A veggie plate
5. “my monkey man”

Sarah Coulsey said...

2 are not correct Star. Please try again!!

Good Luck!!!

bustermama said...

1. Spanish Influenza
2. March
3. Bella's step dad
4. veggie plate
5. my monkey man

Colleen Turner said...

1. Spanish Influenza
2. January
3. Bella's step dad.
4. Veggie burger
5. my monkey man.

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