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"Author Marilyn D. Privratsky's first fantasy novel tells the tale of the sacred alliance of
Osarian Knight --, burdened with saving the beautiful realm of Andora from global
genocide -- who exemplify the unquenchable spirit and hope with which they were
originally ordained by the mysterious sphinx, Farro.

Marilyn D. Privratsky announces the release of her novel,
The Prophet of the Pentacle. In this first work of her epic fantasy trilogy, The
Chronicles of Farro, Rafar the Elder, the Osarian Knight's Prophet of War, must find a
way to stop Lord Jarden, the ancient evil one who has suddenly and accidentally been
unleashed back into the world and is now bent on destroying it.

A great battle had been fought in ancient times between the ruthless Lord Jarden and the
powerful sphinx Berecynthia. She defeated this evil one, but was mortally wounded
before vanquishing him altogether. Five ages pass before a royal advisor investigating
the mysterious and lonely Ice Isle inadvertently sets free the ancient evil one and
becomes his host.

Only the sacred alliance of prophets called the Osarian Knights can now save the
mystical realm of Andora from turning into a desolate wasteland of burnt ash, its
innocent population annihilated by Lord Jarden's perverse genocide.

The Prophet of the Pentacle is a high action story for readers of all ages and despite the
fast paced revelation of one treacherous struggle after another, its underlying theme is
one of the power of hope and the passion for doing good.

"Hope is underestimated, dashed, and most times scoffed at, but it always remains,"
writes author Privratsky.

In today's world there is opposition to everything one does. The Prophet of the Pentacle
shows that the most effective way to battle this resistance is to maintain that deep hope
and faith that can redefine the fundamentals of friendship and love.

About the book:
The Prophet of the Pentacle by Marilyn Privratsky
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4301-7
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: Sept 30, 2009
Pages: 57
S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:
Marilyn D. Privratsky is a first time published author. As a North Dakota native, she
grew up with a love of art, a passion for writing, and a fondness for the outdoors. In her
writing, she tries to merge all three worlds. She is also a movie and music aficionado and
notes, "There is an energy in every movie you watch. It will either energize you, leave
you deeply touched, make you laugh or -- best of all - leave you wanting more. Music
has this same element. For me, as a writer, film and music help me put energy and music
to the silent film that is playing in my mind. My hope is to take writing to a whole new

This was an extremely fast read. I had it read in a half hour.

The book has an interesting story line for sci-fi fans.

I liked the mythical characters, and the problems they faced.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the lack of some details.

There was not alot of explanation as to why there was a "war" and who some of the characters were (ie-Hosea)

Other wise, I liked the story line, and am very interested to read the next book in the series.

You can purchase your own copy on Amazon for $11.65.

~~All opinions expressed are 100% mine. I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of the book to read thanks to Bostick Communications~~

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