Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Wow this season sure did fly by. I know Ramsey wants to promote Master Chef, but did he need to send this show packing so quickly??

So we are down to the final four and I don't know who I want to win.

I am still not sure that any of them can handle being a Head Chef!!

The palate challenges are hard. I don't think I would be good at that. We eat things like Mac and Cheese here, and I cant even tell what type of cheese it is!!! lol

Poor Jay getting the meat wrong. Good for Holli though!!

Ben is still way too full of himself!!

I love Jean Phillipe!! I wouldn't mind winning a challenge and hanging out with him!

That was sweet that Holli got to spend the day with her son. Poor Jean Phillipe being left behind!! :(

Poor Jay. I would want to strangle Autumn if I had to listen to her all that time!!

How ridiculous is it of Ben to sleep instead of prepping?? What kind of leadership does that show?? Then he needs a chiropractor?? WOW!!

What was with him giving up?? That was DUMB!!! To go that far just to quit.

I cant blame everyone else for being ticked at Ben. I would chew him out for that.

Jay did the best job I have ever seen on the pass in the history of this show.

Holli not so well!! That was sneaky using Jean Phillipe as a saboteur.

Ben and Autumn were not much better.

I don't know if I would want to make it to the final four to go home. That would really make me mad.

I am glad that Autumn and Ben went home. They both annoyed me. Especially Ben with his last performance.

Now we are down to two. I am betting on Jay to win. What does everyone else think?

Thank you Debbie and Krystal for playing!

Good luck Lindsay and Shelley!!

1.Andrew Forester- Beth

2.Ed Battaglia- Emmagan

3.Jason Ellis- SquirrelQueen

4.Maria Torrisi- Vhubler

5.Scott Hawley- Meg

6.Siobhan Allgood- Bethany

7.Autumn Lewis- Debbie

8.Fran Klier- Lavender Daisy

9.Jamie Bisoulis- Kat

10.Nilka Hendricks- Britt

11.Salvatore Coppola- LB

12.Benjamin Knack- Krystal

13.Holli Uglade- Lindsay

14.Jay Santos- Shelley

15.Mikey Termini- Katsrus

16.Stacey Slichta- Jenna


debbie said...

I am actually sorry the autumn went home, I think she tried really hard. I do not like either holly or jay. I guess it doesn't really matter who wins now.

katsrus said...

I don't really like either but; if I had to pick one it would be Jay. I really don't care for that Master Chef show. I want Hell's Kitchen!!!
Sue B

Unknown said...

Jay all the way!! I want to win! :)

Unknown said...

Rawr! I'm all over this! I can't wait to see Holli in the finale! She's actually turned out to be my REAL favorite and not just a random pick.

Unknown said...

Congrats Lindsay! I really disagree with the result but I guess that is why I do not own a restaurant!
It is funny I chose random but I really liked Haoy and thought he would win it. :(

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