Friday, July 2, 2010


OK, I hope everyone has had fun reading my Vampire Posts all week. I love having themes, and anything to do with Edward Cullen makes me happy!! (hehe!!)

Now, I like to do things a little different then some people. When I close things out, I want them to go out with a bang!!

Now if you read my announcing post about this week, I hinted that Friday would be big.

I bet you weren't prepared for how BIG!!!

Of course I am going to have a vampire related giveaway to make this week complete, but how about a couple more.

Now not just one, two or three giveaways (not all vampire related) but how about NINE giveaways!!

Does that sound good to everyone??

Now bare with me, it is going to take me ALL day to get these up, but you will be jumping for joy when you see the ones we got!!!

I have some awesome sponsors, with spectacular products. So check back today often, and enter, enter, enter!!!!

P.s. For everyone who reads this post, you will get one extra entry in each giveaway for writing "Edward is the best Vampire!" in a comment. (one bonus entry per person, per giveaway)

This bonus entry will not be written in the giveaways. This is just for those of you who read this post, and alot of my rants!!!

P.P.s. Next week is going to be a slow week for me (I am at the Good Old P.O. all week), but the following week is another BIG week. Stay tuned for more details!!

1 comment:

SquirrelQueen said...

Loved you Vampire Week.

Vampire related giveaways? I'm looking forward to those.

Edward is the best Vampire! That was easy.

Have a great holiday weekend.

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