Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK by far, Nilka's fits last episode were the highlight of this season!!!

Some of those dishes looked scary!! Jay's I thought was the worst. Ben's wasn't much better.

I thought Ed's was the best.

I think it's funny that Ben is getting pampered like a girl!!!

Wow Jay and Holli's banter was interesting (OK funny too!!)

Ben's dish does sound very complicated.

Ben really needs to learn to talk to the others. Not swear at them.

Why doesn't Autumn jump over and help Ed if everyone is ordering Halibut??

Ed should have said something about being in the weeds. They can't work together.

How are they going to be a Head Chef if they can't work as a team?

Not good for Ben and Ed to get kicked out. Bad news for those two.

That is soooo cool that they got to cook for Whoopi Goldberg. I got to wait on Judge Judy when I was in High school working for a local restaurant. She left a great tip, and her Autograph!!

Poor Ed. I can't believe he would go before Autumn. She is much worse.

OK the money challenge would be my cup of tea. I am awesome at budgeting things. I could go a long way with $10!!!

Making a fancy dish might be hard for me. I have two small kids. They don't like fancy, they like simple!!

Jay's dish was pretty cool. Jason's was silly for this challenge.

Ben and Autumns weren't that great.

I like how Holli was very creative with her ingredients.

Poor Jay. He did have a creative dish this time.

I am glad Holli choose Jay to go with her. I would always pick the second best. That seems only fair to me.

I love Jean Phillipe. I think he's awesome.

Ahhhhh Autumn SHUT UP!!!

All I have to say about Holli and Jay is Ewwww. Well besides the fact that I am married, I wouldn't be thinking about Romance when I was competing!!

I would hate to switch stations like that. You inherit other peoples messes.

How many times can I say "BEN TALK!!"

Wow I love Chef Scott!! I am glad he screamed at Ben. What was Ben thinking??

Poor Jason. I feel bad that he went. He seems like a good guy, but I completely agree that he couldn't run a restaurant.

So on that note I need to say goodbye to Emmagan and SquirrelQueen.

Thank you both for playing.

Next episode looks interesting. I can't wait!

1.Andrew Forester- Beth

2.Ed Battaglia- Emmagan

3.Jason Ellis- SquirrelQueen

4.Maria Torrisi- Vhubler

5.Scott Hawley- Meg

6.Siobhan Allgood- Bethany

7.Autumn Lewis- Debbie

8.Fran Klier- Lavender Daisy

9.Jamie Bisoulis- Kat

10.Nilka Hendricks- Britt

11.Salvatore Coppola- LB

12.Benjamin Knack- Krystal

13.Holli Uglade- Lindsay

14.Jay Santos- Shelley

15.Mikey Termini- Katsrus

16.Stacey Slichta- Jenna


debbie said...

I missed the first bit of it last night. I don't like autumn, but I thought she did okay. But, parsnip puree and tuna. Yuck, I think sounded really bad. Romance, you are there to win,people. I think it shows that they couldn't run a restaurant, they would be to busy chasing after each other.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh well, I am surprised Jason made it this far. I never expected him to make the top 5. It was fun while it lasted.

katsrus said...

I still don't like any of them. Told my son it's probably going to be that Autumn chick to win. Gordon must see something in her. Your right they should be concerned about winning.
Sue B

Unknown said...

HA! I'm STILL in the running! She may not have anything worth winning, but she's certainly good at staying under the radar. Good job Holli!

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