Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am so glad that even though my DVR didn't record last weeks episode, I was able to find it on line and watch it.

I liked how Ramsey switched Autumn and Scott. That is a true test of your skills if you are sent from the winning team to the loosing team.

The pig thing made me nervous at first. I didn't think they would actually slaughter them. If Andrew was still here, it would have tried!!!

The Red team got some pretty interesting ingredients.

Prunes and Blood Sausage, YUCK!!!

The blue team is getting really good. It's about time!!!

I couldn't handle listening to those pigs squeal. That would have drove me nuts!!

That was an interesting adult conversation they had that day. You learn something new everyday!!

The girls get dumber each week. Why don't they listen to Ramsey??

I love watching the chefs serving. If you want to be a head chef, you should learn every aspect of the restaurant.

OK the women cant get any worse. Or so I thought.

Autumn is so evil. I hate when people sabotage others. That is ridiculous.

Scott and Siobhan are not getting any better. They get worse each episode.

Maria loves to get yelled at doesn't she?? She is an airhead.

I am impressed with Fran. She did really well this show.

I was not really surprised when Maria got canned. It was time for her to go.


Fran picking Nilka over Scott for elimination was silly. Nilka's reaction was a little extreme.

Nilka was not very nice with the ingredient picking. I can understand being mad, but that was ridiculous. What ever happened to the word TEAM!!!

New pots and pans is a great reward. I need new ones badly!!

I can't believe that Siobhan let herself touch the cleaning products if she is that allergic. There are way too many people leaving this show each season for medical reasons.

Siobhan can't cook pasta?? Isn't that cooking 101??

Salvatore isn't much better.

The little girl who colored Ramsey and then wrote "You Donkey" was cute!!!

Scott has never once taken responsibility for his actions. He is very quick to blame others.

I really can not blame Ramsey for throwing out the whole Red Kitchen. They were awful.

That was quite entertaining watching Ramsey and the Sou Chefs complete the service. They are soooooo much better then the contestants.

Scott is a know it all. He drives me nuts. Siobhan isn't any better.

The arguing is never ending with the red team. That is going to be their death sentence.

It was way past Scott's time to go. I was glad to see the back end of him!!

Poor Benjamin being thrown on the red team. I hope he can prove himself there, and not fall like Scott.

So on that note, I need to say goodbye to Vhubler, and Meg. Thank you both for playing!!

1.Andrew Forester- Beth

2.Ed Battaglia- Emmagan

3.Jason Ellis- SquirrelQueen

4.Maria Torrisi- Vhubler

5.Scott Hawley- Meg

6.Siobhan Allgood- Bethany

7.Autumn Lewis- Debbie

8.Fran Klier- Lavender Daisy

9.Jamie Bisoulis- Kat

10.Nilka Hendricks- Britt

11.Salvatore Coppola- LB

12.Benjamin Knack- Krystal

13.Holli Uglade- Lindsay

14.Jay Santos- Shelley

15.Mikey Termini- Katsrus

16.Stacey Slichta- Jenna


debbie said...

I don't like autumn at all, even though I picked her, I really don't want her to win.

katsrus said...

I don't know who I like anymore. LOL.
Sue B

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