Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What an AWESOME day at Target!!! I am so in love with coupons!!!

Here is what I got and how I got it.

5- Travel Size Tide Laundry Detergent (I love these because I can take them with me on a Vacation!)

5- Satin Care Travel Size Bottles (Again perfect for Vacation)

5- Pampers Baby Wipes (72 count)

5- Olay Body Wash (8.4 oz bottles)

5- 10 bar packs of Ivory Soap

Now here is what I used for coupons-

5- $1 off Tide Coupons from June P&G

5- $1 off Satin Care Coupons from June P&G

5- $2 off Pampers Wipes Coupons from June P&G

5- $4 off Olay Body Wash Coupons from June P&G

5- Buy Olay get Ivory (up to $3) free Coupons from June P&G

Tide Travel Detergent was .97 cents each (+.15 cents moneymaker after coupons)

Satin Care was .99 cents each (+.5 cents moneymaker after coupons)

Pampers Wipes were $2.39 each (-1.95 after coupons)

Olay Body wash was listed as $5.59 a bottle on shelf but rang up as $3.54 each (Free after coupons (actual cost was deducted not $4 each))

Ivory Soap was listed as $3.79. Now the reason why I grabbed the 10 pack is because target did not carry the single bars or the hand wash. On the coupon it does not say it has to be single bar. It only says $3 or less. Now I figured I would get the 10 pack and pay the difference (.79 cents) but when the clerk rang in the coupons, the register automatically took off $3.79. (Free after coupons)

Total spent would have been $60.06

Actual spent $1.75

Total saved- $58.31


Hannah Gold said...

I never think to cut out coupons for the travel size. I need the Tide for our upcoming trip!

Thanks for the tip!

katsrus said...

I want to go shopping with you! WOW!!!
Sue B

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