Tuesday, May 25, 2010


OK, I know I have been away, and I AM VERY BAD FOR DOING SO!!! Friday and Saturday I had to work, and then Sunday my Husband gave me an awesome present. He let me be alone all day (no Husband, Kids or Dog!!!) and READ!!!! It was the best day I have had for alone time in ALONG TIME!!!!

I got to sit down and read all four of the Twilight Books!!!!!

Now I probably should have been working (I do have a home to run and I am VERY behind on posting and emails) but I just needed a break!!!

Of course when all was said and done, my eyes felt like they were falling out of my head for reading SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH (each book is 500 pages or more) but I couldn't put them down!!!

I plan on writing reviews of the first two books in the next couple days, and the other two after each movie comes out (I know some people don't want spoilers, so I can wait)

I do have to say that for anyone that has already read all the books, Breaking Dawn in the beginning, really bothered me ALOT!!!!

So that explains my lack of posts over the weekend. Yesterday, I had to catch up on Home work (LOL) so I didn't get on here much.

Make Me Laugh Monday will come today (sorry) and I have some new things in the works for Tuesdays and Wednesdays!!! I hope you like them.

Please don't forget my current giveaways, and I have another one coming up today!!!!

Thank you all for understanding!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend too!!!

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rite said...

I get behind on my blogging too and feel bad ... but then i have to remind myself that i do it for fun and for myself and no one else... i am glad to see yo on my dashboard!!!! I am glad you got to read some great books!!! I have found that with kids it takes me twice as long to finish a chapter let alone a book lol!!!

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