Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok, I shouldn't laugh at this, but I have to. Not so much for the article, but for some of the comments people posted afterwards.

Oh and by the way, I deliver his mail!!!! (I also deliver to James Brown too!!)

I hope no one is offended by this. If you are, I am sorry!!

Lord Jesus Christ suffers minor injuries in downtown Northampton crosswalk mishap
By Patrick Johnson, The Republican

May 06, 2010, 5:07PM

A 20-year-old Pittsfield driver was cited by police Tuesday after she ran down Lord Jesus Christ in a marked crosswalk at Main Street and Strong Avenue, police said.

Brittany E. Cantarella was cited for a crosswalk violation, said Northampton police Capt. Scott Savino.

Christ, 50, of Belchertown, was taken to Cooley Dickinson Hospital for treatment of minor injuries following the 3:30 p.m. accident. He was treated at the hospital and then released.

Cantarella was making a left turn from Strong Avenue onto Main Street when her car, a 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, struck Christ.

Christ was in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident, Savino said.

Savino said officers checked Christ’s identification at the scene and confirmed it was his legal name.

Some of the comments posted after the article-

1. I wonder if he yelled "Me!" when it happened.

2. Walking on water is apparently a whole lot easier than dodging a speeding Chevy. I suspect fistfights broke out in the Republican newsroom on who would have the privilege of writing this story.

3. She nailed him, in the cross walk?

4. A bystander stated it was clear Ms. Cantarella knew him. She yelled his name as he bounced off her Chevy. Police are investigating...

5. Do we get another paid holiday when he walks out of Cooley Dickinson Hospital tomorrow?


Unknown said...

I'm not sure how you DON'T laugh at this....So freaking hilarious. Good find!

Holly Lefevre said...

That is funny...seriously funny!

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