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~~This is a sponsored post thanks to Cash4books and Business2Blogger~~

This looks like a great site. Especially for college students with textbooks, or Mom's who love to read.

Cash4books buys certain books from you, and pays you for the books. They even cover the shipping costs.

To see if they are interested in your book, all you need is the ISBN number. Enter the number on the site, and they will tell you if they are looking for that book, and what the price they will pay is.

To try this out, I grabbed one of my books, Mommy Power by Dr. Sheila Coleman. This is a book I have been meaning to read for awhile!! lol

I received this book for free from a giveaway, but the retail price is $14.99

When I entered the ISBN number, I was given the buy back price of $2.71.

Now all though that looks like a horrible sell price, you do need to factor in shipping costs, and remember that the site thinks this book is used (since they buy used books.)

Over all I dont think that is too bad of a price. If I had a text book, I would have tried that. I am betting they pay more for those. The book I tried is a small book with only 160 pages.

I did try entering a romance book that I have, and they were not looking for those at this time.

According to the website, they primarily buy books that are 2006 or newer.

So it really is a hit or miss with the books you may have and what they want.

Here are a couple note worthy features of their site-

"WE PAY FOR YOUR SHIPPING EVERYTIME!!! If you have 5 or more books, you get a free upgrade to FedEx shipping.

We are a pioneer of online book buying, one of the first

We have been featured in Woman's Day Magazine, Dr. Phil, Yahoo Shine, & others (full list: ).

We are a green company:

We have an android phone app:

Or price from your cell phone:

Read our founders' inspiring story:

more great reasons:

For those with A LOT of books, we offer a bar code scanner rental program for $5/week + refundable deposit:

or we have a bulk purchasing program here:

an example list of books we're buying:

For more serious book scouts:

book club used book purchasing: "

Cash4books also has a great donate program-

"Our new partnership with means that someone can donate their book sale payment directly to classroom projects via a "Giving Code" (like a gift certificate) they choose on People can effectively recycle books lying around, get rid of book clutter, and use them to fund classrooms in real need across the country all without having to come up with additional money. The really neat part is that the customer gets to "shop" among hundreds of projects for the one that speaks to them. They can donate $5 to one & $5 to another, or donate the full amount to one project. You get thank you letters from the classrooms as well. We are really excited about this feature and really would like to spread the word so we can raise more for our schools through"

All in all, I like the site, and the concept of buying back books. This is a perfect site for my Brother and Sister who are still in school. They can sell all those textbooks they will no longer need!!!

~~All Opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am given a gift certificate for this review~~

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Anonymous said...

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