Friday, April 23, 2010


Sorry this is late. I couldn't get the remote away from the 4 yr old and then the Husband!!!

I am still sooooooo mad at J.T. I cant believe he gave that idol away!!!

Now here comes the merge!!

I cant believe how much of a cry baby Parvati is. What does she expect? When you are evil, people will treat you like you are evil!!

I am glad that Sandra said something. I don't want the hero's blindsided!!

J.T. needs to wake up, and Amanda needs to grow a brain and think for herself!!!

I am glad Rupert is testing the waters and making sure they are safe. Very smart!!

I really don't like Amanda. I think she is an idiot.

Parvati was stupid for admitting about that idol.

I like the more complicated challenges. The Poles just look painful!!

Candace is an idiot too. If she won the last time, she should have stayed in.

I would have been leery if I saw Parvati, who supposedly is scared to go home, just give up like that.

These mind games are driving me nuts!! I cant keep up!!!

I love how Coach and Courtney are trying to figure out the game!!

I am shaking waiting for the decision!!

Oh crap, I cant believe Parvati pulled that. Giving the idols to Sandra and Jerri.

Poor J.T. I am shocked!! WOW!!!

What a game!!
On that note I have to say goodbye to

1. Rubert Boneham- Buster Mama
2. Colby Donaldson- Supah Mommy
3. Cirie Fields- Ashley E
4. Amanda Kimmel- Half Stitched
5. Jessica "Sugar" Kipper- Pam
6. Stephanie LaGrossa- Paperology
7. James "JT" Thomas- Lea
8. Tom Westman- Missy
9. Tyson Apostal- Jinxy + Me
10. Sandra Diaz Twine- Smart Cents Mom
11. Russell Hantz- Maverick's Mommy
12. Jerri Manthey- Sheila
13. "Boston" Rob Mariano- MassHole Mommy
14. Parvati Shallow- Kari
15. Ben "Coach" Wade- Sue
16. Courtney Yates- Smart Money Mom
17. Candace Woodcock- Buttons and Bows
18. Danielle DiLorenzo- Bethany
19. Randy Bailey- Dymphna

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love JT but that was a very stupid move that he made.

Parvati is so evil and gets on my nerves - but what a power play, I must admit.

Rupert was the only hero actually using his brain, too bad they didn't listen to him

I can't figure out Amanda - is she really stupid or is she really aligned with Parvati?

Russell - UGH!

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