Thursday, April 1, 2010


I still love how Russell was soooo evil at the last tribal council.

He really made Rob mad!!!

I am glad that Colby is going to try to do better. He needs too!!!

Yeah Colby is improving!!! He got the first shot in the rewards challenge!!!

Hero's won!!! I never thought I would say that!!! Thank you Colby!!!!

Jerri and Coach are wishy washy. Oh and annoying!!!! lol

That was an awesome immunity challenge. I am soooooooo glad the Hero's kicked butt!!!

The Villains are all just to full of themselves. That is going to be their downfall.

I cant believe they voted out Boston Rob!!! That was sooooooooooooooooooo stupid.

Rob was one of the only good players on that team. That has got to hurt them!!!

So on that note I have to say goodbye to Masshole Mommy.

Thank you for playing!!!

1. Rubert Boneham- Buster Mama
2. Colby Donaldson- Supah Mommy
3. Cirie Fields- Ashley E
4. Amanda Kimmel- Half Stitched
5. Jessica "Sugar" Kipper- Pam
6. Stephanie LaGrossa- Paperology
7. James "JT" Thomas- Lea
8. Tom Westman- Missy
9. Tyson Apostal- Jinxy + Me
10. Sandra Diaz Twine- Smart Cents Mom
11. Russell Hantz- Maverick's Mommy
12. Jerri Manthey- Sheila
13. "Boston" Rob Mariano- MassHole Mommy
14. Parvati Shallow- Kari
15. Ben "Coach" Wade- Sue
16. Courtney Yates- Smart Money Mom
17. Candace Woodcock- Buttons and Bows
18. Danielle DiLorenzo- Bethany
19. Randy Bailey- Dymphna

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