Thursday, April 29, 2010


~~~Thanks to Booksneeze, I got to read and review this book.~~~

I picked the book to read, because it sounded very interesting. I loved Law in High school and Economics in College so I figured this would be a great read for me.

"The first accessible, upbeat, engaging and even amusing history of the endlessly fascinating topic of credit and debt, which has shaped civilization in ways even bankers cannot begin to imagine.

It is altogether appropriate that the term applied to today’s economic woes is “credit crunch.” When banks stop lending, even to each other, and when no amount of interest can prompt them, the gears of the world’s civilization grind to an ungodly halt. Crunch! From Plato to payday loans, from the Council of Nicea to the Al Qaeda Reader, and from Shylock to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Jack Cashill’s Popes and Bankers relates the colorful and contentious story of how this unlikely lubricant helped create the greatest civilization that the world has ever known, even if today its gears are grinding."

I tried and tried to enjoy this book, but I found it very hard to read. The Author uses ALOT of big words, that I had to look up in the dictionary.

He also had alot of footnotes that weren't included on the page. The Author makes you flip to the back of the book. That made the book even less enjoyable.

From what I could understand without help, I found the information interesting. The Author goes as far back as to BC and talks about Usury (an old term for loans)

He also gets into the current day to day problems with the economy and banks. I especially like his chapter on Dave Ramsey, who is one of mine and my Husband's idols!!!

I think this would have been truly enjoyable for average Joe's like me, if he used more Lehman's terms!!!

~~~I was given a copy of this book free to review, but all opinions expressed are 100% mine~~~

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