Tuesday, April 6, 2010


To Start our VERY BUSY WEEKEND, we went to Walgreens on Friday to see The Bunny!!! Neither one of my Boys were scared!! I, and the Bunny, were very greatful about that!!

Then on Saturday, we went to Home Depot to build a Butterfly House. Both Ben's had ALOT of fun!! Look how seriously Ben is focused on his work!!!

Daddy helped alittle bit, but Ben did most of the work himself!!!
Doug took this time to nap!!!

Then we went to an Easter Hunt in the town I work in. Ben (both!!) had soooo much fun finding eggs. We got there late, so we were afraid there would be nothing left. The people who were running it still had alot of eggs left over, so they kept putting more out for Ben. He made out like a bandit!!

So did Doug!!!

Then Saturday night we decorated Easter Egg's!! When all the Egg's were decorated, we had to decorate a Dog!!!!

Easter Morning (Sunday), the boys came downstairs to see their presents from the Bunny and from their Grandma C (Big Ben's Mom)

They got ALOT!!! They are two very spoiled kids!!!

When we went outside to let The Sam out, we saw the tell tale signs that the Bunny came!!
My Husbands friend Jason does this for us every year. Thank you Jason!!

He even puts cocoa puffs all along the foot prints!!!!

After the boys got to look at their stuff, we made the trek up to My Grandmothers for Easter Dinner (2 hrs away!)
Of course there, the Boys got lots more stuff from their Grandma and Grandpa (My Parents), Aunt Ashley, Great Grandma and Great Aunts.
When we got home, I put all the stuff together!!!!

This isnt even all of it. They still have one more Easter dinner to go to this comming Sunday!!!
Lucky Kids!!!!

I hope everyone else had a great time this past weekend too!!!

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