Friday, April 16, 2010


Ok I had 6000 things I wanted to post about, but then I got "old timers" disease and forgot!!!!

Here are a couple quick snippets to start your weekend with.............What I could remember (and really wish I hadn't!!!)

1. Last night was an all nightmare night!! I woke up 4 times having different nightmares. While I was dreaming, they were HORRIBLE. When I woke up, they were just plain silly. Do you ever have one of those nights??

2. Four yr olds= HORRIBLE MIGRAINES!!!! My son decided today, to take his training pants off, stand on the couch and go number 1!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh and his logic as to why he did it was, and I quote "But the dog does it!!" Mind you, my dog DOESN'T do that!!!

3. New England weather is HORRIBLE!!! Yesterday it was 70+, sunny and air conditioner weather. Today it is 40+, raining and winter jacket weather. That is why we have the most hospitals in the country!!!

Have a great weekend all!!!

Please have a good laugh on me!!! (or at me!!!)


Beth Eaton said...

I feel your pain! Sometimes I think living my nightmares might be a vacation from daily life :)

The Baby Store Plus said...

Very entertaining afternoon post :)

My husband and I both had a night like that. Then when I got to the store this morning my daughter told me that her household had that problem too. Weird moon thing or something?

Love the story of your little one 'being like the dog'. I love a childs explanation for why they do things...they seem to make total sense to them.

And finally, I get the weather thing too! We FINALLY got spring like weather yesterday. By that I mean no snow! And it looked very promising this morning but just about half an hour ago the thunder started rolling and the sky turned dark all around us. I am beginning to wonder if warm weather will EVER return.

But at least it is FRIDAY!! Yippee...the weekend is Finally here!

You have a wonderful weekend dear.


Anonymous said...

Why do kids think they can just pee whereever they want (and for random reasons like "the dog does it" )

Darlyn said...

owhhh...i hope your weekend will be great too...

Cathy Bryant said...

LOL, Sarah! Hope your weekend takes a turn for the better!

Just wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award. You can pick it up at

Cathy =)

Show Me Mama said...

I am your new follower. You have a lovely blog. Come visit when you can.

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