Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Congrats last week to Buster's Mama. She doubled her money!! I forgot to post about it.

Good luck all this week. I think the questions are pretty easy this time!!!
As most of you know by now, I am a HUGE GAME FAN!!!! I love to play games of all kinds.

Sunday's we go candle pin bowling at the local alley. It's great because it's .50 cents a game!!!

Other days we stay at home and play Risk, Uno, Play Station 2 or Wii.

Before kids, My Husband and I and best friend Chris would play Risk through the night. We were soooooo competitive!!! I was always evil and made secret alliances with both Ben (my Husband) and Chris. We would take turns ganging up on each other. I always seemed too loose though!! :(

I am also an 80's child. I love everything to do with the 80's including trivia!!

So in spirit of my blog title, lets have some more FUN!!!!

I personally love to play games, and win prizes. So I am going to combine the two!!

My question to you all is, Who wants to win a buck or two??

Each week I am going to post a couple questions from my Trivial Pursuit Game (the 80's version!!!)
The first person to comment on the post with the correct answers will win $1!!

Now I know what you are thinking. Wow a whole dollar!! I can retire!!!!

I cant just leave it at that. So we are going to make it a little more interesting.

The person who answers the trivia questions correctly first, will have the chance to double their money!!!

If they want to take a chance, I will give them another trivia question. If they get the answer right (they are the only ones allowed to answer) then they double their winnings to $2!!!

If they get the answer wrong, they loose all winnings. :(

OK, again I know what you are thinking. All this work just for $2??

Not Quite!!!

I am going to play this game for 12 weeks ending on May 18th.

Now the person who wins the most, will also get another prize at the end of the game!!! I haven't decided what yet, but I will let you know.

How does that sound??

Now I do have to post some rules. (Sorry!!)

1. You MUST be a Follower of my blog (I will check)

2. An EMAIL address HAS to be in your comment (I need to contact you if you win) If it isn't in your comment, then you answers are void. I hate to see you do all that work and not even have a chance to win!!! So please make sure your email is there!!!

3. If you choose to DOUBLE your money, you have TWO HOURS to respond with an answer to the next trivia question, that will be EMAILED to you. If you don't respond with-in that time frame, I have to assume you don't know the answer. I will do my best to post at the same time each week, so you know when to expect the trivia questions!!

4. If you DOUBLE your money, and win, that counts as two wins. So at the end of the game, if you win twice, and double twice, you have 4 entries in the final prize!!

5. Have fun!!! I know I will!!!!

So here are this weeks Trivia Questions. Good luck!!!! I will give you one question from each category on the Trivial Pursuit Card. The Wild Card question will be saved for the winner if they choose to Double!!!!

1. (Headlines) What U.S. federal agency had 11,000 job openings in August 1981, after striking workers were abruptly sacked?

2. (T.V) Which member of the "Rat Pack" served as guest host of the Tonight show a record 177 times?

3. (Movies) What 1987 film had Barbara Streisand playing a call girl fighting to prove her mental competence?

4. (Music) What Hubby of Roseanne Cash scored five number-one singles off his Diamonds and Dirt Album?

5. (Sports and Leisure) Who did Martina Navratilova defeat in 10 Grand Slam singles finals?

Good Luck!!!!!



bustermama said...

1. Federal Aviation Administration
2. Joey Bischop
3. Nuts
4. Rodney Crowell
5. Steffi Graf

krystal said...

2. Joey Bishop
3. NUTS!
4. Rodney Crowell
5. Steffi Graf

& double my money!! =)

bustermama said...

I spelled Bishop wrong

Sarah Coulsey said...

Sorry it took so long to respond guys. I had an eye doc appt. and I couldnt see the computer for alittle while.

Buster Mama- you have one question wrong!!

Krystal- you have two questions wrong!!

Good Luck guys!!!

Sarah Coulsey said...

Ok for some strange reason my comment didnt appear.

Buster Mama- you have one wrong

Krystal- you have two wrong

Good luck guys!!!

krystal said...

1. Federal Aviation Administration
2. Joey Biscop
3. Nuts
4. Rodney Crowell
5. Evert?

Sarah Coulsey said...

Yeah Krystal you got it!!!!!

I am sending you an email now. I will give you an extra hour today since I am REALLY LATE!!!!

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